You can now get your hands on the rare 1900s Apple sneakers for $50,000

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You can now get your hands on the rare 1900s Apple sneakers for $50,000

Apple has a rich history, and all items from the early days are now considered rare. These rare items fetch thousands of dollars at auction because of their uniqueness and how they tell the story of the company. We've seen in the past how the original iPhone models fetch thousands of dollars just because they were sealed packed and unused. That said, a very rare pair of Apple sneakers from the '90s are coming up for auction and selling for over $50,000.

Rare Apple sneakers to fetch $50,000 at auction

Not everyone knows, but Apple made sneakers based on the Apple Computer with accent colors of the previous logo. Please note that these sneakers were not available to the general public and were likely produced in limited quantities. The Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers are available at auction for a whopping $50,000. The sneakers have a fairly simple design with laces and give off a 1990s vibe.

In terms of appearance, the Apple Sneakers are made of a white leather upper with rainbow Apple logos next to the laces and tongue of the shoes. There is also an air dampening window in the heel, and is designed for men with size 10.5. The pictures show white laces, but the package also comes with red laces. Apple Sneakers are probably not wearable, but are a collectible at this stage. In the future, the sneakers will bring in an even higher amount.

Although Apple had its merchandise available under the brand name "The Apple Collection", these sneakers were first tailored for Apple employees in the 20th century. These were made available to employees at conferences, and the company only did so once. What this means is that Apple Sneakers have not been sold to the general public. Auction house Sotheby's says the sneakers are "one of the most obscure around".

Tailored for Apple employees, these ultra-rare sneakers were a one-off giveaway at a national sales conference in the mid-'90s. More than 22,000 Apple consumers purchased apparel and accessories from the brand in 1985, a testament to the audience's engagement across categories. For the products outside of Apple's area of expertise, they would partner with leading brands such as Lamy, Honda and Braun to use their iconic Apple branding on various white label products.

The rare Apple sneakers are not in perfect condition, although the description of the product reads "new in the box." There appears to be slight yellowing near the midsoles. This isn't the first time an Apple artifact has gone up for sale. We will share more details on the subject as soon as more information is available.

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Apple sneakers to be sold for $50,000

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