Which Horizon Forbidden West Aether, Poseidon or Demeter quest should you do first?

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Which Horizon Forbidden West Aether, Poseidon or Demeter quest should you do first?

If you're at the crossroads of choosing between Horizon Forbidden West Aether, Poseidon, or Demeter , you should know that each of these options will take you to a different mission.

Each of these missions has different levels of difficulty: Aether is level 17, Poseidon is level 22, and Demeter is level 24 . But if you've completed multiple side missions, you'll have more freedom to decide which mission to tackle.

If you have progressed far enough in the game, we recommend that you consider the quests first Sea of ​​​​Sands and Seeds of the Past , which have a difficulty of 22 and 24 respectively. These quests offer two pieces of equipment that will be crucial to help you in your future explorations : the breathing mask, which allows you to dive into deeper water, and the Vine Cutter , which allows you to cut down any plants that get in your way. path.

Obviously, if you're reading this, it's because you've reached the part where you have to choose between Horizon Forbidden West Aether, Poseidon, or Demeter , so you should know more or less where you are in the action. However, to avoid spoiling the surprise, we won't give exhaustive details about the mission. Instead, we'll just discuss the basic rewards you can get from each to help you make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Horizon Forbidden West Choice Explanation: Aether, Poseidon or Demeter

These are the quests you must complete to restore the subordinate AI functions and increase the power of Gaia:

  • The Broken Sky, Level 17: Travel to Tenakth's territory to restore AETHER.
  • The Sea of ​​​​​​​​Sands, Level 22: Travel to the ruins of Las Vegas to recover POSEIDON.
  • Seeds of the Past, Level 24 – Travel to the west coast to retrieve DEMETER.

While it's possible to complete the quests in any order you prefer, we suggest completing The Sea of ​​​​Sands first to get the Poseidon. This mission will unlock the Horizon Forbidden West Scuba Mask, which allows you to breathe underwater.

The Horizon Forbidden West diving mask that you get from completing The Sea of ​​​​Sands is extremely useful equipment for exploration, as it will give you access to many new areas. There are many submerged caves and deep waters that you won't be able to access until you get it.

Once you have obtained the Horizon Forbidden West Dive Mask by completing The Sea of ​​​​Sands , we recommend that you choose the Seeds of the Past/Demeter option, as it will give you the Wine Cutter . This equipment allows you to remove any barriers from Horizon Forbidden West Metal Flowers that would otherwise be impenetrable. You'll often only find crafting resources and collectibles behind these barriers, but it will help you collect more supplies as you progress.

Finally, the mission to Broken Sky to get the Aether unlocks Tear Arrows that make machine components fly. Are are an important tool for removing specific machine parts without destroying them, but not as game-changing for exploration as the Diving Mask or Vine Cutter.

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