Where to find the death birthday party venue in Hogwarts Heritage

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Where to find the death birthday party venue in Hogwarts Heritage

Where can you find the death birthday party venue in Hogwarts' Legacy ? Within the Hogwarts legacy are many iconic locations, but some of them, such as Death's Birthday Party Room, can be difficult to find.

Hogwarts Legacy follows the journey of a fifth year student during his first year at the renowned Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As a student, much of the early game is focused on attending classes and learning new spells, although there will also be plenty of opportunities to explore the fascinating wizarding world.

Unfortunately, not all areas of Hogwarts Heritage will be accessible from the very beginning of the game. ; some locations will only be unlocked as the story progresses, new spells are acquired and various challenges are overcome . The Death's Birthday Party Room is no exception, as players must first complete the main quest "The Warden's Lunar Wail" to access it. Then we give you all the details about where to find the death birthday party venue in Hogwarts.

Where to find the death birthday party room in Hogwarts' legacy

To start "The Lunar Lament of Warden ", the twenty-second main quest of Hogwarts Legacy, the player must approach Gladwin Moon and accept the quest he offers . Doing so will unlock the Alohomora spell. , an extremely handy spell that allows the protagonist to open doors that are closed . However, it is important to note that completing this quest only unlocks level 1 locks, so additional effort will be required before you can open level 2 and level 3 locks.

Fortunately, the entrance to Death's Birthday Party Room is secured with a padlock on level 1. , so players only need to complete the mission "The Manager's Moon Lamentation" to unlock it. To complete this task, the player must discover two hidden Demiguise statues. , one in the prefects' toilet and another in the hospital wing. Once found, the protagonist must return to Gladwin Moon, who will ask him to search for more Demiguise statues scattered throughout the world.

How to Fast Travel in Hogwarts Legacy

When players finally have access to the Alohomora spell, it is very likely that they will also have unleashed many Floo Flames throughout the castle. When a Floo Flame is activated, the player has the ability to view the global map, select an unlocked Floo Flame, and fast travel to the corresponding location . This functionality greatly facilitates the exploration of Hogwarts' legacy, especially if the player wishes to travel to distant locations.

Considering the disproportionate size of Hogwarts, using fast transportation methods within the castle can save a lot of time, especially if the player is clear about where they want to go.

Location of the death birthday party venue in Hogwarts' legacy

Once players have unlocked Alohomora, they are given the freedom to explore various previously inaccessible areas, such as the Death Birthday Party Room . To discover the entrance to this secret location, players must use the ability to fast travel to the Lower Grand Staircase and descend the stairs ahead.

They must then turn right and continue down the long corridor until they come to a section with two doors on either side. Without paying attention to said doors, players must go ahead and at the end of the corridor take the path to the left .

As you walk through the corridor, players will see a sealed door to their left. To clear the passage, they must use the Alohomora spell aimed at the door and overcome the unlocking challenge. . Once the padlock is removed, they just need to continue along the newly opened path until you reach a room impregnated with blue tones , full of dancing ghosts.

As you explore this secret room, the Revelio app will occasionally reveal valuable guide pages and treasure chests. The most fascinating aspect of the dead birthday party room, however, lies in the ghosts present there .

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