Where to find Sea Tokens and Sea Treasure Machines in Warzone 2

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Where to find Sea Tokens and Sea Treasure Machines in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 sea tokens is a recently added revival coin that allows you to enter the Sea Treasure machines on Ashika Island in search of rewards, such as armor plates and killstreaks . But to access these machines, you must first find tokens and machines , so it is important to know everything related to them.

Also, if you're new to Season 2, I can walk you through the honor recovery mechanism in Resurgence of Warzone 2, as well as the new relocation packs that allow you to avoid the Gulag.

Where to get Warzone 2 Sea Tokens

Finding Warzone 2 marine tokens is easy as it is a random loot that can be obtained on Warzone Ashika Island. They can appear in chests, shelves or on the ground. They can also be obtained by defeating enemies that have them.

The easiest way to get them is simply to play and pay attention , as they can easily be distinguished from plate-sized gold coins with an otter on them. However, it is important to be careful if they are placed high, as it can hide their distinctive shape in Warzone 2.

Where to find Warzone 2 Sea Treasures machines

Sea Treasure machines are located at each of the Ashika Island gas stations, including Town Center, Residential, Beach Club and Port Ashika . Once you have a sea token, you can use it on the machine to " try your luck " and get a random reward, which could be a piece of equipment, a Killstreak, a Field Upgrade, or something else.

You have no control over what you get, but you can swing the odds in your favor. It is important to note that each token you use is unique and you can only use it once. If you want to keep trying, you need to find more sea tiles.

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