Where to find all the butterflies in Hogwarts' Legacy

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Where to find all the butterflies in Hogwarts' Legacy

Where to find all the butterflies in Hogwarts' Legacy . By opening each butterfly box, Hogwarts Legacy players earn different rewards related to magic.

Hogwarts Legacy has a wide variety of exploratory challenges and additional activities beyond the main story, with a wide range of collectibles to discover in its open world. In this amazing game, players have the opportunity to pop balloons while taking to the sky on a broomstick, activate landing pads and embark on various collectible-focused themed activities, such as where to find all the butterflies in Hogwarts' Legacy .

Where to find all the butterflies in Hogwarts' Legacy

There are a total of 15 known butterfly chests to collect in Hogwarts Legacy. , and many players may remember this exciting activity from the in-game "Follow the Butterflies" side quest, which involved tracking down magical butterflies that led to a valuable reward in the form of a collectible chest . While you don't need to complete this quest to start collecting the butterfly chests, an additional location is unlocked only after you complete it.

Players must be near the butterfly's territory for the locator to appear on the global map. Therefore , it is important to explore on the back of a broomstick, mounted or on foot, and use the Revelio spell to be able to find them all. This is especially relevant, since the butterflies move freely through each area of the game.

Location of Butterflies in North Ford Swamp in Hogwarts' Legacy

The first butterfly can be found near the Llama in the Swamp of the North Ford. Head towards the western descent and watch the butterflies flutter near the charming covered bridge. Follow his trail along the bridge until you reach the coveted chest. .

Placement of butterflies in the Forbidden Forest in Hogwarts' Legacy

In the forbidden forest is a gathering of butterflies. Travel through Jackdaw's Floo Flame and continue east, leaving Merlin's nearby testing site in the Forbidden Forest. Find the butterflies near the Small Bandit Camp and follow them across the wooden bridge until you find the chest. is next to the dilapidated house.

Location of Hogsmeade Valley Butterflies in Hogwarts' Legacy

In Hogsmeade Valley, players have the chance to discover a congregation of butterflies. Travel through the Floo Flame in the East Valley of Hogsmeade and head towards the cliffs in the opposite direction to the north. Butterflies gather in a swarm, fluttering towards a chest near nearby Merlin's Challenge .

Hogwarts Northern Butterflies Location

North of Hogwarts there are two groups of butterflies on the move. The first of these can be revealed during the bonus mission titled "Chase the Butterflies". To start this quest, go to Hogsmeade and chat with Clementine Willardsey at the popular establishment known as The Three Broomsticks. .

This will lead players towards the borders of the Forbidden Forest, just south of the Floo Flame in the Collector's Cave. Follow the butterflies along the river and through the forest , past the spider warning signs, which will lead you to a nearby butterfly chest.

The second location is west of East Hogwarts' North Floo Flame. Continue along the river until you reach the waterfall and there you will find the butterflies fluttering nearby. Follow them along the river path to find the chest resting at the top of the slope .

Location of butterflies in South Hogwarts

There are two sets of butterflies that can be spotted in Hogwarts South.

The first group is south of the Floo Flame of the Mooncalf Refuge, on the left side of the Quidditch Pitch, on top of the cliffs. Follow the butterflies along the edge of the cliff to find the collection chest nearby .

The second collection of butterflies is near the Aranshire Floo Flame. Head south along the paths of Aranshire until you reach the moving dragon hedge , where you'll find the butterflies nearby . Follow them closely along the edge of the cliff to discover the next butterfly chest.

Hogwarts Valley Butterfly Sites

In Hogwarts Valley there are three chests with butterflies waiting to be found.

Spot the first group of butterflies next to the railway viaduct bridge , east of the Hogwarts Central Valley Floo Flame . Follow the butterfly flight to the chest near the bridge .

The second set is near the ruins west of Keenbridge Flooflame , a prominent location of Old Magic in Hogwarts' heritage. Observe the butterflies flying behind the ruins and follow them into the trees to find the chest. .

The third set is east of the Keenbridge Floo Flame, next to the impressive Castle of the Bandit Camp. Players will be able to spot the butterflies along the river and follow its path to a nearby chest on the river bank.

Location of butterflies in the Feldcroft region of Hogwarts' heritage

In the Feldcroft region, there are two sets of butterflies waiting to be discovered.

The first is near the North Feldcroft Floo Flame, in a southwesterly direction, near Feldcroft's Treasury in the Cliff Ruins .

Head towards the edge of the cliff to find the butterflies and follow them along the shoreline to reach the next butterfly chest.

The second set of butterflies awaits southeast of Floo Flame in the Feldcroft Catacombs. , where players embark on the quest "Into the Shadow of the Relic" alongside their companions Sebastian and Ominis. Head towards the small and medium bandit camps nearby to spot the butterflies and follow them to the cliff to reach the chest.

Butterfly sites on the Poicchara coast in Hogwarts' heritage

On the Poicchar coast, there are two butterfly treasures that can be discovered.

Players can find the first southeast of Tomb of Betrayal's Floo Flame .

Head towards the cliffs to find the butterflies near the ruins and follow them past Merlin's Challenge to get the butterfly treasure in front of Poitshar Castle.

The other is near the Floo Flame on the south coast of Poitshear, right next to the wooden bridge. . Follow them across the bridge and into the ruins to find the treasure.

Placement of butterflies on the Clagmar coast in Hogwarts' legacy

On the coast of Clagmar, northwest of the Floo Flame of Clagmar Castle, is the last treasure chamber of butterflies. Walk past the castle ruins until you reach the Bandit Camp on the northwest coast, where you'll find the butterflies nearby. Follow them along the rocky coastal path to discover the final treasure next to an Ashwinder Egg spawn point.

Butterflies Collection Chest Rewards at Hogwarts Legacy

Each time players open a chest of butterflies, they receive a unique conjuration reward that can be used in Hogwarts' Legacy Room of Requirement. . These rewards include workstations and decorative items that allow them to personalize and beautify their space in extraordinary ways. Players can admire their valuable spell collections in the Collections section of the menu.

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