WhatsApp introduces channel feature to take on Twitter with one-way broadcast

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WhatsApp introduces channel feature to take on Twitter with one-way broadcast

WhatsApp is one of the most popular internet messaging apps that allows users to communicate, share media and much more. WhatsApp has added a plethora of features to its main app that have transformed the user experience. Now the company has announced a new feature that will serve the same purpose as Twitter (to a certain extent). WhatsApp's new channel feature is a new one-way broadcast that you can follow and receive updates.

WhatsApp is exploring microblogging options with its new channel feature

The new channel addition is part of WhatsApp's main app, and it seems the company is aiming for a Twitter-like feed. The administrators of the channels will have the ability to share images, text, stickers and much more. You can follow these channels to receive updates on the latest trends, news, sports and much more. The channels will provide one-way information, which means that the administrators will have a certain degree of control.

Apart from this, the administrator's personal information, such as a phone number or photos, will not be available to everyone. Apparently, the admins will decide whether to add a particular follower to the list. Once the request is approved, you may potentially receive relevant updates. According to WhatsApp, channels will serve as a reliable and secure way to receive important updates regarding a specific topic. With that said, administrators will be able to block screenshots and limit the forwarding of messages from the platform.

Channels can be created by individuals as well as organizations. Individuals can share their interests or hobbies, while organizations can share promotions for their upcoming products or services. The local authorities can also share updates on the weather, traffic and additional details related to the environment. The platform will also come with a dedicated directory where users can search the channels they are looking for. However, the platform also allows users to reach a channel through invitation links. Finally, it depends on the administrators whether they want to add a user to the list of followers.

The new channel feature can be accessed from the new Updates tab. The company keeps the feature separate from your chats, which makes sense. Overall, the company seems to be delving into the microblogging category like Twitter. The company will start rolling out the feature from Columbia and Singapore. In the coming months, the channels will be expanded to more regions.

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