What is programming?

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What is programming?

What is programming? A At some point many of us have heard about programming and we have seen classes about programming or as in many schools they usually call it computing and even if we are going to study some engineering we will get to study at some point we will study programming focused on the type of engineering we want to study.

So it is very important to have a general idea of what programming is, programming is nothing more than a process where a set of instructions or it can also be a single instruction for a computer to perform a specific action such as the order to turn it on or off.

How does the programming work?

After knowing a little about programming, now we will talk about how this science works so that by giving an order a computer knows what we want to do and the answer is quite simple although it requires a lot of discussion and information behind it and that is that the orders we give to a computer are not in words that we use every day to communicate with each other, but in a language that when we say it to the computer , it can understand us and perform the action we want. or in some cases that we need to do, it anticipates our actions and does them by itself.

The language we use to talk to a computer is called machine code , which consists of basic orders that the processor or we can also say that the brain of computers understands and can execute, this code is also known as code binary which is nothing more than a specific sequence of 1 and 0, that when we put many of them in a certain specific sequence we can order a computer certain action and it will be able to understand us and perform it perfectly or as perfectly as the order we give it.

This type of code is very useful for simple tasks, but over time people realized that this language had certain limitations since the more complicated the activities were, the more sequences of numbers we had to place and under certain conditions it took us longer to write sequences in numbers than in the complexity of it and on certain occasions the machine could not understand the complex instructions given to it.

Programming type

Some types of programming that we can use can be the following:

  • declarative programming
  • Imperative programming
  • Structured programming
  • modular programming
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Event-driven programming

These types of programming languages are oriented and focused on certain aspects to be specialized, and for each type of programming the instructions are different, but at the same time they follow the same structure, which is as follows:

  • Home o comienzo of the cycle
  • Condition (If satisfied then closed and if not satisfied it repeats until satisfied)}
  • Closure

With this structure , it is much easier to understand programming and how we can program.

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What is programming?

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