What are Fortnite Augments and how to activate them

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What are Fortnite Augments and how to activate them

If you play Fortnite Augments , you will find one of the most significant changes to the Battle Royale objective in recent times. It will give you various boosts as you survive longer in a match, and include a random element in the process. You must be aware that randomness plays an important role , but you also have the option to choose some additional options if you are not satisfied with what is offered to you the first time.

Each boost has a tactical advantage to offer , with variations including new weapons, items, specific abilities and skill upgrades . Depending on your play style, some expansions you'll like more than others. If you make good decisions and are lucky, you can reap great rewards.

You can enjoy some of the most useful Fortnite power-ups, like traveling in vehicles without wasting fuel or adding powerful weapons to your inventory. There are a few boosts that unlock as you progress through Fortnite and show you the location of upcoming storm circles or alert nearby enemies when the storm is moving, giving you an intelligence advantage over your opponents.

If you want to know more about this new system, we have information about all available expansions and how to activate them in Fortnite.

How to enable extensions in Fortnite

As a Fortnite player, you'll receive Fortnite's first couple of boosts around 2 and a half minutes into a match, followed by another couple every 2 and a half minutes until you've completed all 4 tracks. you will see a notification "Ready!" on the screen when they are available for use. You can open them by pressing right on the d-pad at any time. You can also check the availability of your upcoming augments at any time by opening your inventory and switching to the Augments tab.

will present you with two Fortnite Augments to choose from in each of the four available slots. You can choose from those you have already unlocked. If you want to see new options, you can scroll again by following the prompts at the bottom. La First time is free, but subsequent times will cost 100 bars each . To activate the boosts, select the one you want to use, then press the right trigger to select it and start reaping the benefits.

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Fortnite Improvements: Mobility and Exploration

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