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Urtkot's Helm Hogwarts legacy

Chat with Sirona

  • Start talking to sirona at The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade, who will tell you about her goblin friend, Lodgok.
  • She suggests meeting him at the Hog's Head if you want to talk about Ranrok.

At the Hogs Head Tavern

  • Then go to the Hogs Head Tavern and talk to Lodgok on the table on the left.
  • Explain to him that Sirona trusts you and he will reveal a plan to get information about Ranrok's plans, but it requires a holy relic from the goblins, Urtkot's helmet.

Talk to Lodgok about the witch's grave

  • Next , meet Lodgok outside of Hogsmeade and follow it to the nearby location of the Collector's Cave Floo Flame.
  • Along the way, he will explain more about Urtkot's Helmet.
  • When you arrive, speak briefly with Lodgok before entering the Collector's Cave.

enter the cave

  • When you enter the cave, go down the hall until you find a closed door with a moth.
  • Follow the corridor to the left and use Lumos to attract the third moth and unlock the door.
  • In the next room you will find a chest in the alcove on the left. Continue down the path of sconces and you'll come to a circular room with another moth door on the other side.
  • You must find the three missing moths to open the door. Two are on either side of the circular room and the third behind a set of broken doors that open with Depulso.
  • After placing the three moths on the door, you'll reach a room full of conclusions . Use spells like Confringo or Incendio to deal with them and use a mandrake during the fight to get a dueling achievement.
  • Ahead you'll find another moth door and a mechanism in the middle of the room.
  • Place one of the two nearby mills on the mechanism to turn it on and then use Depulso on the mechanism to get up and reach the third mill.
  • Place the three moths on the door to advance. In the next room, use Basic Cast to break the rope on a hanging box, allowing the floor to break and you to fall. Before doing so, open another set of broken doors to the right with Depulso and use Accio to drag a box and now chests on high platforms.
  • Once done, go to the new hole in the floor that will lead you to the water, and continue into the circular room ahead.
  • There you will face a large number of Inferi, so be sure to use Confrontation and Fire early in the match. To complete dueling feats in this room, you must finish the match in less than two minutes and cut a frozen enemy, which you can do by freezing an enemy with Glacius and then hitting him with Diffindo.
  • In the room you will notice a moth door on the top left platform and a mechanism in the middle of the back.
  • Grab a moth from the left or right side of the room and use it to turn on the mechanism. Then go to the lower part between the two highest platforms and hit the mechanism with Depulso to go up and grab the mill on the right side with Lumos.
  • Jump the gap and place the moth on the door, then place the second moth just to the right of the door and the Lumos inside the door as well.
  • There are a total of four moths in this room , so leave the moth in the mechanism and go down to grab the moth in the alcove you didn't grab at the beginning.
  • As for going up without changing Lumos to Depulso and without losing the mill, place the mill you are holding on the moth podium on the left side of the room and then use Depulso while on the platform and ascend to go back to the door of the mill.
  • Then hit the mechanism several times and you'll see the pallet raise as the mechanism rotates, allowing you to throw Lumos right next to the mill door to grab the mill and place it, allowing you to move forward.
  • In the room on the stairs you will find the witch's resting place.
  • In the chest you will see a Dead Ashwinder that you can search for a signet ring from , although the helmet is already taken. When you're ready to leave, go behind the chest and interact with the wall to exit into the northern part of Hogwarts.
  • once you're outside, talk to lodgok , who will tell you about a nearby camp and tell you that this is your best chance to get the helmet before Rookwood escapes.

Urtkot Helm Quest

  • When you arrive at the camp, eliminate the enemies and go to the shop located on the right side of the place.
  • There you will find a large chest that you must loot to get the Urtkot helmet.
  • Be careful though, as you will be ambushed by several Ashwinder Assassins. You must take care of them and the conclusion that they summon to then return with the helmet to Lodgok.
  • Al talk to Lodgok, he will thank you for getting the helmet back and will tell you that he is taking it to Ranrok to distract him from his quest.
  • This may allow you to learn more information than has been revealed to you.
  • Once you are done with the conversation with Lodgok, you will be able to complete the mission.
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