Types of wands in Hogwarts' legacy

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Types of wands in Hogwarts' legacy

Types of wands in Hogwarts' legacy . What is a wizard or a witch without his wand? At Hogwarts, you'll start with a wand that's been passed down through the generations, but soon you'll be visiting Ollivander's to find the perfect wand for you.

You have the option to keep the wand you want or customize the style, wood, flex, length and core. . Keep reading to discover all the types of wands in Hogwarts Legacy and the options you can choose from and whether your wand affects your power in the game.

Types of wands in Hogwarts' legacy

Once you reach Ollivander's in Hogwarts' heritage, you will experience a variety of wands, only to find out that you are not compatible with any of them. However, Ollivander will find one last wand that will be perfect for you. .

If you have linked your Harry Potter Fan Club and WB Games account, along with your choice of house, you will be presented with the wand associated with your Harry Potter Fan Club account. Otherwise, you will receive a wand with random properties.

From now on , you will have the option to purchase the wand selected for you or to change the properties of the wand before proceeding. .

You can change your wand in Hogwarts Legacy

After choosing and purchasing your wand from Ollivanders, you will not be able to change it later . If you want to get a new wand, you have to create a new character. Make sure the wand you've been given is the perfect one for you before proceeding.

However, during your Hogwarts experience, you'll find wand grips that you can use to further customize the look of your wand.

What are the best wands in Hogwarts Legacy

The character's power in Hogwarts' Legacy is not affected by your wand . The function is purely aesthetic, so make sure you make a wand that makes you happy.

Types of wands and differences in Hogwarts heritage

Before purchasing the wand, you have the option to change the design, wood, length, bend and core of the wand. .

While it has been mentioned above that these choices do not affect the power of the wand, there are traditional reasons for preferring certain styles over others.

In Hogwarts Legacy , you can find eight styles of wands, each with three different variations , bringing the total to 24 unique wand styles.

  • Natural : greyish tone, golden tone or warm brown tone.
  • spiral twist : dark gray tone, warm brown tone or pale brown tone.
  • Ringed : dark brown tone, pale brown tone or beige tone.
  • stem structure : golden brown tone, dark brown tone or warm brown tone.
  • pronounced spiral : ash-brown tone, gray-green tone or dark brown tone.
  • soft spiral : light brown tone, warm brown tone or black tone.
  • Classic style : shade grey, shade black or shade grey-brown.
  • textured : warm brown tone, light brown tone or dark pink tone.

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are 38 different wood options to customize your wand. .

Alternatively, players can explore different wand style options to find which tree suits them best. r. For example, cherry trees can work perfectly with a knotted look in shades of pink, reflecting the many pink flowering trees found throughout the game. This choice may be particularly suitable for herbology amateurs, who may find a potentially successful alternative.

The flexibility of the rod refers to the degree of stiffness or flexibility, and there are 19 options available to choose from . Players wondering what kind of flex to choose can find inspiration in character creation and house selection. For example, witches and wizards who resolutely want to follow the path of dark magic and master the three unforgivable curses, such as the Crucio, can choose a rigid or unyielding wand, which will reflect their burning ambition.

Players have the option to choose a length from 9.5 inches to 14.5 inches for the wand .

However, in Hogwarts Legacy, wand length is largely an aesthetic choice that players can adjust to their individual preferences, as far as is known. If players had the ability to adjust their character's height during customization, choosing a longer wand would make more sense. However, since this is not possible at the moment, rod length comes down to more of an aesthetic preference and is up to the players as to how relevant they deem it.

Players have the option of choosing one of three available wand cores: Dragon Heart Strand, Unicorn Hair Strand, or Phoenix Feather. These cores are known in the Harry Potter universe as items derived from magical creatures. In Hogwarts Legacy, each wand core has the following descriptive properties :

  • Dragon Heart : Known for its ability to generate powerful magic.
  • unicorn hair : Famous for its ability to generate constant magic.
  • phoenix feather : Capable of generating a wide variety of magic.

Players can consider three possible aspects when choosing a rod core: strength, reliability, or adaptability.

Despite players not having the ability to customize their wand in Ollivanders , wand handles are obtained by exploring or completing quests , and are not available when you first select your wand in Ollivanders, except for character customization, usually found in chests. In the wand handle menu, there are a total of 42 wand handles to discover.

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