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Tricks for learning the multiplication tables

Every student needs to know their multiplication table from an early age to build a strong mathematical foundation. This is a fundamental skill for virtually any career, but many find it daunting to learn by heart. Fortunately, there are tips and strategies that can help students master this important skill. We will explore some useful and practical tricks to help students remember and master the multiplication tables.

1. Discover the best tricks for learning the times tables

Learning the multiplication tables

Learning the multiplication tables is important as it is a quick way to perform basic mental calculations. Since primary school, it is a necessary mathematical skill that must be acquired. Here are some tricks to help:

  • Using flashcards: You can use fun flashcards with the factors to speed up your learning. To review the material, you can also use it as a game: one person tells the factors and the other says the product.
  • Use of visualization: a diagram, a table above the screen, even a denim patch like the one used in school are good ways to remember the products. You can even create your own illustrations to make learning more fun.
  • Online games: There are many reliable websites with many activities and games to help children learn. Also, the use of smartphones to play multiplication tables is very useful.

Finally, you can transform the problems into songs or acrostics to associate the numbers with words with meaning. This makes it more fun and is a fun way to practice. And remember, practicing often is the best advice for becoming an expert with the multiplication tables.

2. How to learn and remember the multiplication tables?

1 for 1: Design lists

  • Start by making a list of the results of the multiplications from 1 to 10 or, if you are a high school student, from 11 to 20.
  • Print the list if necessary.
  • Read the list aloud to refresh your memory.
  • Repeat the list while walking, driving, doing housework, etc.

2 X 2: Questions and answers

  • Write the first multiplication (1 x 2, 2 x 2) on a card, after this you write the result.
  • Repeat over and over until you have the complete answer.
  • Ask questions out loud and answer them to practice this technique.
  • Then check with a calculator to confirm that you have the correct results.

3 X 3: Use the tools around you

  • Use visual tools like slides, charts, timelines, etc. to remember better.
  • Practice drawing the diagrams and illustrations in a notebook.
  • The physical manipulation of the materials helps to fix the memory.
  • Play board games to reinforce what you've learned.
  • Find friends to practice with.

3. The best methods for memorizing the times tables

1. Practice numbers repeatedly
If you're looking for an easy way to memorize the multiplication tables, the first thing you can do is practice them a few times. Practice the numbers one by one to learn them better. Say them out loud, write them down and memorize them. This simple technique will help you remember numbers more easily.

2. Use study tools
Use tools like flashcards, lists, and notes to help you remember your multiplication tables. The cards can be used to write the table, its numbers and their multiples. Another option is to create lists of the numbers and the multiples associated with them. Another technique that works very well is notes, which are used to add numbers that you have already memorized.

3. Use a method to help you remember
You can also use a method to help you remember better. Try to identify a pattern between the numbers in the multiplication table to help you remember them. For example, before studying the numbers 1 to 10, you can create a number that rhymes. Repeat it several times before you start studying. This technique will help you remember the numbers better.

4. What tools and strategies work for learning the times tables?

Learning the multiplication tables is one of the subjects that children should see and learn in mathematics. But for many it is difficult to remember and remember. The following is a guide to the best tips, tools, and strategies that will make learning the multiplication tables a success.


– Be consistent. Activate your memory daily to refresh the knowledge you have gained.
– Practice what you have learned. Having a theory will only give some results. If you want to improve, you have to train with other exercises.
– Distract your mind. Sometimes practicing multiplying apples with bananas isn't the best way to learn. Try to break the monotony and use puzzles, riddles, drawings, etc. to work on your memory.


– There are a wide variety of online tools available to help children succeed in their multiplication table studies. Some of the most common are digital apps, memory programs, board games, crosswords and learning games.
– Physical tools, such as the use of blackboards, cards or other written materials can also serve as resources to easily learn the multiplication tables.


– Use wallpapers with multiplication tables to see daily.
– Remember the factors individually, start with the smallest factor. This strategy takes time, but once the factor is understood, it will be much easier to implement.
– Use a song or rhyme the numbers instead of simplifying them. This may sound simple, but repeatedly using the song or rhyme instead of just counting on your fingers can have an incredible impact on children's progress.

5. Practice the times tables to remember them better

  • Use flash cards: Using flash cards is a great way to memorize multiplication tables. This works especially well with numbers that are harder to remember. Regardless of your approach, it is recommended that you write the numbers you are trying to remember on a memory card and read them several times until you have them all down. When you are ready, try to figure out the correct multiplication by closing your eyes. This will help improve your memory significantly.
  • Repeat the process: When you remember numbers, there is no rule that says you have to remember them immediately. It is a learning process, and the best method for this is repetition. If you try to memorize a certain table for a few days, it will be much easier for you to remember the numbers. Instead of making a concentrated effort, it is recommended to do it calmly. This will help the memory to adapt better and benefit from the learning.
  • Use pencil and paper: It is recommended to draw the diagram on pencil and paper. This allows the user to write and delete as problems are resolved. This is an excellent way to strengthen knowledge. Depending on the problems, it is recommended to add an additional number to the box. This will result in a higher number of repetitions, thus increasing memory efficiency. To speed up the process, consider writing down the correct multiplication and then comparing it to the answer. This will serve as a tool to improve the numbers in the long term.

6. Using technologies to learn the times tables

Learn the multiplication tables in one go! Multiplication tables can be difficult for children to learn in school, but with the help of technology, they can significantly improve their practice and gain a deeper understanding of mathematics. Here are some tips and tools for learning multiplication tables:

  • Use multiplication board games: Children learn faster by playing, so multiplication board games can be very helpful. There are various apps and websites that offer a variety of games. These include games for computers, mobile phones, tablets and even some virtual reality games.
  • Use educational apps: Apps and websites like Mathletics, Math Bingo, and Mathopolis offer interactive activities to help kids focus on a variety of math topics, including multiplication tables. These apps also include task tracking to help kids track their progress.
  • Visiting private tutors: Private tutors can help students understand the concepts behind the multiplication tables. Personal tutors or virtual classes can be arranged to help students understand the basics of arithmetic.

To facilitate the learning process, students are advised to use tools such as Hoopinzer, a free tool to use to practice multiplication tables. Hoopinzer is designed to ensure students learn quickly by reinforcing correct results. Students can also track their progress by tracking their hit and miss rates.

By using technology appropriately, students can significantly improve their learning of the multiplication tables. These digital tools and online resources are essential to ensure a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of arithmetic.

It is clear that learning the multiplication tables is one of the fundamental elements of progressing in mathematics, both in the classroom and in real life. Fortunately, we've shared some tricks and tools that can help students learn the multiplication tables, from daily routines to games to consolidate knowledge. With patience and consistency, this basic math skill will soon become a natural part of learning.

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