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The Hogwarts Legacy: Essential Tips and Tricks

Exploring and unlocking everything the magical world Hogwarts' legacy has to offer can be overwhelming, so it helps to have a number of tips and tricks to get you started on your journey with your housemates. Whether you need help managing your inventory, strategies for conquering the Highlands, or information on how to unlock cosmetic transmogrifications , our extensive tips and tricks will prepare you to tackle everything Hogwarts' legacy has to offer.

Important tips and tricks for Hogwarts Legacy

  • at the beginning of the story , do not venture outside the search area, as you will die. It is better to follow the marked path and not lose valuable resources that you can collect from enemies.
  • Remember to pick up any loot that enemies can drop to get valuable resources. The game does not collect them automatically.
  • If you need to level up quickly to use better equipment or complete missions, look for the field guide pages . This is a quick and easy way to quickly level up.
  • Check your gear stats often to make sure you're using the best gear possible, as these stats increase as your grade rises.
  • Find the eyeball chests to get quick cash, as each one will reward you with 500 gallons.
  • Manage your inventory, it will be important in Hogwarts Legacy since you only have 20 slots at the start. As you find more loot chests and better equipment, you'll need more space. Complete Merlin's trials to unlock more inventory slots. These trials are unlocked after completing a mandatory main quest.
  • After completing the Trials of Merlin quest, unique puzzles will appear on the map, each with a special focus that makes them interesting. Some require the use of new spells, while others force you to take advantage of the environment to solve them. Each time you complete a test, you will gain points towards the challenge. "Complete Merlin's Trials" in the Bla menu. Each milestone reached will give you four more slots in your inventory, meaning if you manage to complete all the challenges, you'll have 40 gear slots available.

Unfortunately , Merlin's Trials is locked behind a mandatory main quest that takes at least a few hours into the game if you're following the story, so keep this in mind.

  • Are you running out of storage space? Instead, destroy equipment, make sure to visit vendors often, and sell unwanted items to earn galleons. We recommend filling up Galleons early, as potions and resources can get quite expensive quickly.
  • Remember that there are fall injuries , so be very careful when crossing steep areas to avoid falls and unnecessary injuries.
  • Not all the rewards you receive for completing quests and challenges are gear, some are skins. This is because Hogwarts Legacy has a transmog system from the start, but it's hidden in the Gear menu. To activate transmogrifications, you must have a piece of equipment equipped for that slot, such as gloves; then on the main gear screen hover over the item slot and you will find an option to change the appearance. Using the transmog system will allow you to maintain your preferred appearance without losing important gear stats that will help you in combat encounters.

Note that when you change an item on your gear, the transformed look will revert to its original form, so if you want to keep a specific look for your character, you'll need to transmog every time you change an item.

  • >As you progress through the main plot, your connection to Ancient Magic will allow you to unlock Talents , which are unique upgrades to your combat skills, stealth, spells, and more. To unlock these talents, you need talent points, which are obtained by increasing your magic level from level 5. If you already have a higher level, you will be rewarded with talent points for each level above 5.
  • If you decide to change the tone of your voice in the character creator, it's important to note that it may sound a little artificial due to the post-processing filter applied. If this sound is not to your liking, we recommend that you use the standard tone. If you want to adjust the pitch of your character's voice after the initial setup, you can do so in the sound options in the settings menu.
  • Each character you create has its own storage space. If more than one person is playing on the same account or if you want to create a character from a different house, you can keep these files separate in their own save slots.
  • It is important to check the challenge menu regularly to ensure that rewards for completed challenges have been claimed correctly. If they're not claimed, you won't automatically gain access to transmogs or gear upgrades, such as inventory slots.
  • Tick Complete all available Professor's Thesis sidequests , as they are crucial to unlocking new spells.
  • When following a main quest, its shiny gold waypoint will always take precedence over your own personal waypoints on the minimap, which are colored purple. These personal waypoints only appear when you have opted out of the main quest.
  • Check the quest menu to preview all available quests for you to complete. The mission descriptions will provide the requirements to complete the mission and the reward you will receive. Use this information to prioritize which missions you want to complete first.
  • Use the "Find on Map" function after selecting a mission you want to perform. While this won't work for Tasks, most other missions will automatically be highlighted on your map, leaving you to just find the nearest waypoint for fast travel.
  • Once you've unlocked the Alohomora spell , which allows you to pick locks, keep an eye out for Demiguise Moons , which are small monkey statues holding glowing moons. These statues can only be collected at night and are necessary to increase your lockpicking level.
  • Want to give your character a mysterious touch? You will find an option to toggle the hood on and off in the Cloaks and Robes equipment slot.

Important match tips and tricks

  • Instead of casting spells individually, try using combinations that allow you to take better advantage of each one. For example, if you use Levioso to start juggling normal spells, you'll be able to get close enough to your enemies to cast Fire, a spell that can only be cast at close range. Additionally, if you use Accio to pull an enemy towards you, you can cast Fire to set them on fire for additional damage.
  • Note that enemy shields can only be broken by using a spell of the corresponding color: purple, yellow, or red. This can be overwhelming, so I recommend assigning a controller face button for each color. On Xbox, for example, you can use B for red spells, Y for yellow and X for purple. This way you'll be able to switch between different sets of spells with the D-pad and cast the right spell at the right time.
  • Don't forget to use ancient magic The meter fills up quickly when you combine your basic hits, so it's important to use it when you can. You can throw objects at enemies, especially the red barrels, or tap both bumpers at the same time to break shields for massive damage. You can also specify some talents that fill up the meter every time you perform certain actions. Practice these tips and master the spell casting technique in the game!
  • It is important that you focus on enemies above you. Often these enemies will stick to the edges of the field and throw objects at you, which can be annoying. To avoid this, try to get them to your level as quickly as possible.
  • Another helpful tip is to use stealth whenever you can. With the Disillusionment spell and Petrificus Totalus, you can infiltrate enemy camps and stealthily take out enemies, preventing future battles. You can also use invisibility potions during battles to enable stealth even after being detected.
  • I recommend you visit the Enemy Collection menu for important information on certain enemies, including the techniques they use, the weaknesses you can exploit, and the spells they are most vulnerable to. Some of these details are very context specific, such as blocking a troll's rock to throw it directly at them
  • It's easy to focus only on the symbols above the enemy's heads, which indicate whether you should charge or dodge. However , enemies can also use AOE attacks , jump in the air, or burrow underground to hide their movements. So make sure you're always on your toes and looking for a good escape route in case the situation gets too sticky. With these tips, you will be able to improve your fighting skills and become more effective on the battlefield.
  • Always check and keep an eye on the counter button to start Stupefy at the right time . In addition, you can enhance this spell with certain talents that give it new abilities, such as the ability to curse enemies or deal damage on its own.
  • Before casting a spell, make sure there are no incoming attacks. which can interfere with your movement. If necessary, you can use Stupefy or Leviosa to stun enemies, giving you enough time to cast your spell.
  • It's important to know that Stupefy will launch at the target currently in your crosshairs, not necessarily the enemy you just blocked. Therefore, you can take advantage of the attacks of the enemies that are in the periphery to aim at your most troublesome target.
  • If you focus on casting defensive spells, you may want to prioritize talents like Stunning Curse, Stupefy Mastery, and Stupefy Expertise, as they complement Stupefy perfectly.
  • If you're worried about your appearance , keep an eye on the duel challenges in the lower right corner of the screen. Completing these challenges will get you closer to unlocking new cosmetic options and is a fun way to try new things in battle.
  • Equip the items you think you'll need before starting a matchup , if possible. While you can always open the item wheel mid-battle, starting with a solid plan early, whether it's a potion or a plant, prevents you from wasting valuable resources through clumsiness. Those plants don't grow on trees, you know!
  • The talents are extremely important for adjusting your playstyle, but they are not unlocked until you almost complete the main quest, "Jackdaw's Rest".
  • Don't worry about managing your spells during battle, as you can unlock more spells with talent points after completing the Jackdaw's Rest main quest. With the push of a button, you gain access to four new spells.
  • Pay attention to the Duel Achievements in the bottom right of the UI while in battle. Completing them will unlock new cosmetics faster. These feats involve using specific spells or items during combat.
  • It's important to know that Stupefy will cast on whoever you're targeting, not necessarily whoever you just blocked. Thus, you can use a peripheral enemy's attack to stun a more troublesome enemy if you wish.

Important web browsing tips and tricks

  • It's important to remember to use the Revelio spell often , as it's like a free x-ray vision. This spell allows you to easily see nearby objects such as gold, hostile enemies in red, and quest-related items or puzzles in blue. It can even help you find the solution to nesting mazes.
  • All over the world you will find many loot chests that are mostly quite easy to find. Don't get too confident as most of them will only contain galleons. However, there is a rare chance that some of these chests will contain cosmetic transmogs or gear that can be very valuable.
  • Read the field guide pages found in Hogwarts Legacy, as they are full of secrets. Some pages even give hints on how to use certain spells on statues to discover secret passages connecting Hogwarts with Honeydukes.
  • Explore less traveled areas, especially inside caves and dungeons, to find hidden loot chests. These chests often contain valuable items that you can sell to merchants for quick and easy cash.
  • Want to find the Demiguise Statues? Explore the classrooms and teacher's offices, as Professor Figs, as there's a good chance you'll find some of these statues hidden in these areas. You can also use our Demiguise statue guide to find them all.
  • The wizarding world of Hogwarts' legacy is hugely explorable, so it's rare to find a place that's off-limits. If you see a door, be sure to check it , as it is very likely that you will be able to explore the interior.
  • It is important to make sure you have enough storage space when you search chests. If your inventory is full when searching for a chest, you may not be able to claim the reward as the chest will not open.
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