Teamgroup T-Force SIREN DUO360 AIO CPU & SSD Liquid Cooler – Do it Double!

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Teamgroup T-Force SIREN DUO360 AIO CPU & SSD Liquid Cooler - Do it Double!

TeamGroup is the creator of some of the highest quality PC components and products for the PC industry. They have come a long way since their inception in 1997 and became one of the fastest growing product manufacturers and a leading brand worldwide.

We've taken a look at a large number of products from Teamgroup and their gaming sub-brand, T-Force, but today we'll be testing the brand new Siren DUO360 AIO liquid cooler which is said to provide top-notch cooling for both CPU and SSD.

Now you must be wondering why there is a need for an AIO cooling solution for SSDs. If you've been following our review of the latest PCIe Gen5 SSDs and all the news related to these drives, you may already be aware of the massive heat generated by these new flagship storage solutions. Additionally, the SSDs available on the market today aren't even the best out there, and as SSDs get faster, we can expect their controller and NAND Flash to run even hotter.

To keep this heat under control, SSD manufacturers and motherboard manufacturers have developed new active and passive cooling solutions, but cooling manufacturers like Teamgroup want to take things all the way up to 11 with AIO liquid cooling for the SSDs. The concept of the SIREN DUO360 AIO was very simple. It is primarily designed as a traditional AIO CPU cooler, but extends it to a single SSD as well. So let's talk about the cooling specs and what it has to offer.

So starting with the specs first, the Teamgroup T-Force SIREN DUO360 AIO cooler comes with a 360mm radiator and is compatible with both Intel and AMD platforms including the latest LGA 1700 and AM5 CPU solutions which will make the most obvious sense since both platforms are designed to support the newer Gen5 SSDs. The SSD side includes support for M.2 2280 form factors.

The 360mm radiator comes in a great looking white color scheme and has aluminum fins while measuring 396 x 120 x 27mm. Interestingly, the radiator also houses the pump mounted on it and operates at up to 4000 RPM with a reported noise output of 22 dBA and fluid flow rate of 850 ml/min.

The radiator comes with three 120mm hydraulic stock fans that have a 4-pin PWM connector and offer 60.2-70.07 CFM of airflow while running between 600-2000 RPM (34.45 dBA – 39.5 dBA). These fans have a static pressure of 2.89-3.88 mm-H2O. All three fans have ARGB Lightning and look great.

Moving on to the CPU water block, we have a copper base plate and an aluminum block measuring 65.5*49mm. This block comes with the traditional circular bezel that includes an ARGB illuminated mirror finish design. There is a T-Force logo on the mirror finish that lights up and adds style to your PC. The SSD Waterblock shares a similar design philosophy, but comes with a magnetic/detachable ARGB mirror plate and measures 78 x 58 x 23.6mm.

The cooler has enough tubes that you can easily mount it over the CPU and the top M.2 SSD slot on the motherboard. For motherboards that do not have an M.2 slot right on top of the PCIe expansion slots, it will be impossible to attach the SIREN DUO360 AIO as the GPU will be in the way. That said, the hose from the radiator to the SSD water block is 430mm long, and 400mm from the radiator to the CPU.

To test the performance, we used the AORUS X670E Xtreme motherboard together with an AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D CPU, 32 GB G.Skill Trident Z5 NEO RGB memory (DDR5-6800 EXPO) and a ROG THOR II 1000W PSU. The chassis used was a Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL which allowed us to mount the radiator on top since the front is a mirror panel. For the Gen5 storage we used a CARDEA Z540 SSD which is a 2 TB Gen5 drive from Teamgroup. This SSD has been rebranded under the Z5 SSD line that we covered during our Computex 2023 coverage. The Z540 retains an advanced 10GB/s transfer speed and uses the Phison E26 controller which should give us a good overview of the AIO cooler's performance.

The overall temperatures of the Teamgroup SIREN DUO360 AIO cooler are pretty much in line with other high-end 360mm coolers, and as you can see in the noise profile tests below, the cooler performs decently here as well.

For SSD temperatures, we used four separate test conditions. The first was without a heatsink, the second was with a motherboard heatsink, the third was with an ASRock supplied M.2 heatsink and the last was the AIO block.

Without the heatsinks, Gen5 drives can easily hit the throttle limit of around 70C, meaning you'll end up with speeds below even regular Gen4 drives, which defeats the purpose of buying such an advanced storage solution. While the passive and air-cooled options offer good SSD cooling, the T-Force Siren DUO360 simply crushes all other solutions with far lower temperatures at sustained speeds.

Teamgroup's T-Force SIREN DUO360 is a unique AIO solution that comes in prime time for the launch of Gen5 SSDs. The product has impressive cooling capabilities, not only for the CPU but also for the GPU, but it comes with some issues for a first-generation product of its kind.

First up, the price. At $399 US, the SIREN DUO360 AIO is clearly aimed at the enthusiast market, but what we've seen so far is that the Gen5 SSD adoption rate has been quite slow. So the SIREN DUO360 sits in a very niche market and caters to an even smaller audience that will find the need to water cool their SSDs a bit unnecessary. Sure, the benefits of additional cooling exist, but at the same time, a $20-$30 US air cooling solution designed for Gen5 SSDs or even the heatsink on the motherboards will also do a pretty decent job. But I guess for those looking for a combination solution, there might be room for this cooler.

In terms of design, the SIREN DUO360 looks absolutely gorgeous with its all-white design which is further complimented by the ARGB fans and the mirror finish on both the SSD and CPU blocks. It's also not that difficult to install it on your PC since it's a closed loop design, but even though the installation process is easy, compatibility can be a completely different scenario as some motherboards that don't put the Gen5 protocol on top – most SSD slots will have big problems with the cooler and its hose since the GPU will be in the way as mentioned above. So make sure your motherboard comes with an SSD slot above the top PCIe x16 slot.

So to sum up the whole product, I have to say that Teamgroup T-Force really has something with the SIREN DUO360. Given how SSDs run and how hot they get, AIOs may just become a necessity rather than an add-on. Air-cooled SSDs are already here, so liquid cooling seems to be the next step, and T-Force already has its 1st generation design out now with the Siren Duo360. We can only expect optimizations of this design and better prices in the future.

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