Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Best lightsaber stances to use in any situation

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Best lightsaber stances to use in any situation

Among the many improvements in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor over its predecessor are Lightsaber Stances that give players more combat options to take down the many enemies that try to get in Cal Kestis' way. All five are quite different from each other, and they're effective in their own way, so choosing one over another won't put you at a real disadvantage, especially if you're not playing on Jedi Master or Grand Jedi Master difficulty.

If you're trying to complete the game on high difficulty, however, you'll want to equip the Lightsaber Stances that work best in all combat situations, providing the right amount of flexibility to take down regular enemies, large groups, and bosses with ease.

Best lightsaber poses to use in any situation

Before we talk about the best Lightsaber Stances to use in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, we need to highlight how what makes one of them better or worse than another also depends on the player's preferred playstyle. In the right hands, to make an example, the basic Single Blade Stance can be as effective as any, thanks to its varied and balanced skill set. You might have to work a little harder in some situations, true, but it's entirely possible to finish the game with it primarily.

With that out of the way, there's no doubt that for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players who are also veterans of the Souls series, the Crossguard Stance is one of the best to use. While the weapon is slow, locking players into animations so it's impossible to parry attacks while Cal recovers from his swings, it's extremely powerful and has incredible range, so those who've mastered the combat system of FromSoftware's popular action role- Oh playing games will have very little trouble making this stance work well in any situation, even in ranged combat, thanks to the powerful lightsaber throw that deals tons of damage. By using skill points in Stance's skill tree, it is also possible to speed up attacks, making this Stance even more deadly.

When Crossguard Stance definitely feels lacking is when fighting larger groups of enemies in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The slow turns make it difficult to deal with faster enemies who like to gang up on Cal. The solution to this problem is to use either Double-Bladed or Dual Wield Stances, although I think Dual Wield Stance is slightly better in this regard, thanks to the ability to cancel attack animations in parry and guard, and the slightly higher damage output. The only cases where Double-Bladed Stance is superior to Dual Wield Stance is when you're facing shielded enemies or if your parry game isn't very solid. If you're a parry master, no stance is better than Dual Wield, as you can essentially be on the offensive at all times.

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