Solution to the blue characters in Hogwarts' Legacy

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Solution to the blue characters in Hogwarts' Legacy

If you see a blue character in Hogwarts Legacy don't be alarmed, it's because of a high-contrast accessibility setting in the game. This can be useful for vision problems, but can be an error if activated by accident.

To solve it, look for contrast settings in the game settings. If you need more visual tweaks, see Fidelity Options and Performance Modes for more information.

How to fix blue Hogwarts legacy characters

Electric blue character in Hogwarts Legacy: This issue is caused by a high contrast accessibility option in the game. Some people may experience a bug that triggers this mode, resulting in a character with a different color. If you haven't set this option, it can be confusing.

To withdraw from the problem of solving blue characters, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Go to Settings in the main menu .
2. Go to accessibility options (the small picture of the man).
3. Scroll to the bottom to find the option for high contrast gaming and turn it off.

It should work. It seems that it is still not known what is causing the problem , but it will probably be fixed soon.

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