SmartVision 3 is a smartphone with functions for the visually impaired, and it also has a T9 keyboard

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SmartVision 3 is a smartphone with functions for the visually impaired, and it also has a T9 keyboard

There is no way to ignore the fact that smartphones in general have come a long way. However, we rarely see phones that are made for people with specific needs. Well, a US-based company called Raz Mobility is trying to change that as they've just announced their SmartVision 3 smartphone, a phone they've made for the visually impaired, which is as impressive as it sounds.

The SmartVision 3 is a $539 smartphone made for the visually impaired with many quality-of-life features

SmartVision 3 is specially designed for people who suffer from some form of visual impairment, and you only need one look at the device to know that this is not your average smartphone, and for all the right reasons. First, the phone comes with a physical T9 keyboard that you can use to type. This is excellent for visually impaired users as they no longer need to rely on the touch screen as the buttons are much more tactile. In addition to that, the entire keyboard also offers navigation keys which help to make sure that navigation is something that is not a problem.

A T9 keyboard is good, but it's nothing new. Don't worry because SmartVision 3 also comes with a dedicated dongle that you can use for Google Assistant. You also have several other tools, such as a bill recognizer, light detector, color detector, screen magnifier and a navigation app, making this phone much more user-friendly for visually impaired users. The phone even has wireless charging, which is 5W, but should be more than enough for the phone and the use case it serves.

The SmartVision 3 is impressive as it stands, thanks to the purpose it serves, but apart from that the phone doesn't offer anything to write home about. You get a Helio P70 chipset with 4G connectivity, 64 gigs of RAM, 3.5-inch screen with 640 x 960 resolution. A massive 3500 mAh battery powers the device. You also get a microSD card slot and a headphone jack. As an Android phone, you also get full Google Play services of course. On the back you see a 16 megapixel camera and a 2 megapixel camera; on the front there is a 5 megapixel camera.

For those interested in pricing and availability, the SmartVision 3 will set you back $539, which is certainly expensive for a phone of this caliber, but considering how it's actually aimed at a niche market, it starts to make sense why is it this expensive. If you are interested in getting this device to someone who could really use it, go here.

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