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Setting up a Minecraft Realms multiplayer server

Minecraft Realms is a subscription service that allows users to create and manage your own private servers minecraft online.

You can invite up to 10 friends to join your server and play together. The service is always online, which means that invited members can come and go from the Kingdom at any time.

But to use Minecraft Realms, a monthly subscription. Possible to set up a kingdom and see the cost on the Minecraft website.

What are Minecraft Realms and Minecraft Realms Plus?

Minecraft Realms is a premium feature that allows users to create and manage their own private Minecraft servers online, where you can invite other players to join your server. You can create a new world or turn one of your existing worlds into a kingdom.

But to use Minecraft Realms, a monthly subscription to keep the server online . Depending on your subscription, you can also get additional content every month, such as maps, mini-games and character skins.

One of the benefits of Minecraft Realms is that the server is always online, meaning invited members can jump in and play at any time. As the administrator of the realm, you also have full control over who can join the server, and you can revoke access to problematic players.

This makes it a safe place for younger players to play with their friends without worrying about who they can interact with. However, it is important to mention that Minecraft Realms is a subscription service, so a monthly subscription is required to keep the server open.

That's right, Minecraft Realms is available on various platforms, including PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices , so you can access the Realm from any of these devices as long as you're logged in on with the same Minecraft account.

It is also important to mention that cross-play is enabled in Minecraft Bedrock Edition Realms , which means that friends on different platforms can join the same Realm. However, it's important to note that cross-play does not work between the Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft, so PC Java Edition players cannot join on a Bedrock Edition PC or Xbox Series X Realm.

On the other hand , Minecraft Realms for Java and Bedrock editions do not support mods . The Bedrock edition includes a number of Marketplace packs and supports user-created content through Bedrock Realms Plus, while the Java edition includes community-created content, but it is not supported by the Minecraft Marketplace.

So if minecraft mods are important to you, maybe you should look for an alternative to be able to use them . However, there are some ways to play with mods on unofficial servers or by creating your own server.

Minecraft Realms price, what does each one include?

As mentioned above, to use the Minecraft Realms service, you must pay a monthly fee . There are three subscription options available: Realms for Java Edition, Realms for Bedrock Edition and Realms Plus , each with its own benefits and specific features.

  • Realms (Bedrock Edition) = 3.99 euros per month
    The Minecraft Realms for Bedrock Edition basic subscription allows users to invite two additional players to access their private online world. This subscription is also compatible with the Minecraft Marketplace, includes three World Slots, supports user-created content, and is cross-play across Bedrock devices.
  • Realms Plus (Bedrock Edition) = 7.99 euros per month
    Minecraft Realms Plus is an enhanced version of Realms that includes all the benefits of the basic subscription, as well as monthly content from the Minecraft Marketplace and access to more than 150 Marketplace packs. Furthermore, it allows you to invite up to 10 players to join your kingdom, compared to just 2 in the basic plan. New users can also get a 30-day free trial when they sign up for Minecraft Realms Plus if they've never signed up for Realms before.
  • Realms (Java Edition) = 7.99 euros per month
    The Minecraft Realms Java Edition option costs the same as Realms Plus, but offers fewer features. Users can invite up to 10 Java Edition friends to join their private Realm server, they have 24/7 access to the server and 3 World Slots. However, the Java edition is not compatible with the Minecraft Marketplace, which means you can't buy or use anything from the marketplace and you won't have access to monthly updates and over 150 content packs.

Remember that with any of these subscription levels, you always have the option to cancel later if you decide you're not getting enough use out of it. If you decide to re-register for Minecraft Realms, you can replace your new world with the downloaded backup of one of your previous Realm worlds.

If you have chosen the Realms Plus 10 player subscription , it is important to be aware of the monthly updates. New maps, character skins, and minigames are constantly being added, and since they're available for free with Realms Plus, it would be a missed opportunity not to at least check out what's on offer.

It's important to mention that if you have an Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass subscription, you can play Minecraft at no extra cost, but you still have to pay for Realms. You can also play Minecraft for free in a limited browser-based version of the game.

How to set up realms in minecraft

To start from scratch and create a new world in Realms , you can configure it according to your preferences , including difficulty, mode (Survival, Creative) and other options you want to add. When you're happy with your settings, select the "Create on Realms Server" button.

You will then have the option to choose a 10-player kingdom or a two-player kingdom. Once you accept the terms and conditions and complete the transaction, you can access the new realm and freebies from the marketplace if you chose the 10 player option at once.

If you want to change the current world configuration of the Kingdom, you can click the "Edit" button next to the Kingdom name to access the game settings menu.

From there you can make adjustments such as changing the game mode, difficulty, changing the world name or adding cheats. You also get access to three world slots as part of any Minecraft Realms subscription, meaning you're not limited to just one world.

How to invite friends to Minecraft Realms

The good news is that the friends you want to invite to your realm don't need to have their own Minecraft Realms subscription to join. To invite friends to your realm, click the "Edit" button next to your realm world, then select "Members". Here you will be able to invite other players and manage those who already have access to the realm.

You can also revoke player invitations if they have stayed longer than expected or have not been active for a while on this page. Although you can send an almost unlimited number of invites, the number of players who can play in your realm at the same time will be limited by your subscription type.

How to make a backup in Minecraft Realms

With Minecraft Realms you are not limited to just one world . If you want to start a whole new world or replace the current one with another one, you can do that too. However, it is recommended to back up your current world before doing so, otherwise you will lose any progress you have made on it.

To opt out of creating a backup of your existing world in Minecraft Realms, click the "Edit" button next to your Realm world and select "Download World" . This will save the world on your device and you can play it locally or reload later if you change your mind.

To save a backup of your existing world in Minecraft Realms, go to the "Edit" button next to your Realm world and select "Download World" . Doing this will save a copy of the world on your device so you can play it locally or reload it in the future if you choose to do so.

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