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Roadmap and update Valheim Ashlands, Hildir's Quest

Are you ready, brave Vikings from the tenth Norse world, to face the dangerous Ashlands in Valheim ? Although it's best to leave the wolf coat at home, it's not just the heat we have to fear. Early concept art for Ashlands shows us a variety of undead enemies, as well as a terrifying new sea creature.

Before the new biome arrives, we'll see some minor updates, including the expected Hildir mission update . So far, this is all we know about Valheim Ashlands and what lies ahead based on the game's roadmap. Get ready to explore, fight and survive in this brutal and fascinating world.

There is no release date for Valheim Ashlands yet

Developer Iron Gate announced on January 16 Valheim's next update . However, there is still no official release date for Ashlands and it is unlikely to be announced anytime soon.

Given that mistlands , the previous update, took more than a year to complete, it's possible that Ashlands might not be available until late 2023 or early 2024.

It's important to know that Iron Gate has released several minor updates between Hearth and Home and Mistlands , and has similar plans for Ashlands. In other words, while the wait for Ashlands may seem long, it's likely that some fun additions will be added to the game in the coming months.

What is Valheim Ashlands?

Unlike previous biomes, Valheim Ashlands is located in a permanent location in the far south of the map . Instead of having a mix of biomes, all of the southern islands will be included in the Ashlands.

Currently, it is known that Ashlands will be presented as a "land of the Dead" , with a volcanic nature according to the name. Although it is possible to visit the Ashlands in the current version of the game, you will currently only find one empty, desert landscape that is used as the Valheim Ashlands and gives little indication of what the final version of the biome will look like . The only temporary residents of this infill biome are a group of fiery surtlings .

Despite this, if you wish to explore this area, it is important to note that the parts of the map that have been discovered cannot be "regenerated" after an update. Therefore, if you wish to explore the final version of Ashlands in your current world, it is recommended that you do not do so yet.

Creatures of Valheim Ashlands

Despite being in a very early stage of development, Iron Gate has already shown off some concept art from Ashlands. In the accompanying image, you can see a group of skeleton warriors called The Charred , who are likely to be a common enemy in the Mistlands. There appear to be two types of melee fighters (one with a great sword and one with two swords) and a magician. If the number of skulls on their bodies is taken as a reference, it is possible that the Charred with the Dual Swords and the Mage are the most dangerous.

The second piece of concept art shows another creature that clearly fits the "no dead people" theme: morgen. Looking more terrifying and unique, this creature can be a mini-boss. Found in a dungeon in Ashlands. He might even be the biome's next big boss, who knows.

Aiming to make the journey to the Ashlands more terrifying, the Valheim developers plan to introduce a snake. BoneMaw in the way of the players. These giant sea snakes will guard burning coastlines and are expected to be far more dangerous than oceanic snakes. "Normal" . It is important to note that this is only concept art and does not represent a finished design. As the developers mentioned, some of these creatures may not even make it to the final version of the game.

Weapons of Valheim Ashlands

The arrival of a new biome means the introduction of new weapons in Valheim , and Ashlands is no exception. According to the concept art, this biome will provide the materials needed to craft some seriously scary weapons. Among them are the two-handed Slayer sword, the one-handed Niedhogg, the Berzerkr axes that appear to be throwable, and the mysterious Eldner. The green, red and blue glow seen on the first two weapons may indicate a link to Eitr (blood or elemental magic), such as the Mistlands wands.

Valheim Ashland's buildings and grounds

A first look at the Ashlands field tests reveals a somewhat rocky and lava-dominated landscape . It is possible that to survive the high temperatures of the place it is necessary to have a special armor, or if not, exercise extreme caution and n every step you take. As for the buildings, the developers have presented three models of possible fortresses that could serve as dungeons or the abode of the biome boss. The first, as shown in the picture, is completely surrounded by lava, while the second fortress has bright red light instead of lava, and the third is protected by circular walls. To see the entire collection, you can access the original tweet.

Valheim Road Map

Before the arrival of the Ashlands biome, Valheim will receive some minor updates. One of these was released on February 7 by the developers, including several bug fixes, a new fishing gear, the fishing hat, and a building part, the Hexagonal Gate. Here are some important things to note about these updates (they are not in release order):

  • Additional difficulty settings
  • Hildir's Quest Update
  • Launching on Xbox Game Pass
  • Availability update

In their next update, the Valheim developers are thinking of including new difficulty settings that allow you to adjust the challenge level of the game. With these new options, it will be possible to make enemies like Deathsquitos much less intimidating, or on the contrary, even more dangerous. The new difficulty settings are expected to include a casual mode, where gear will be preserved upon death, an easy, normal and hard mode. These options will likely be implemented along with the Hildir mission update.

La Hildir's Quest update will include an NPC character named Hildir , as well as adding the ability to customize the character's hairstyle and improve the character's visibility while wearing a helmet. It will also feature a lot of fancy new clothing, as can be seen in the image above.

While Valheim has been available on PC Game Pass for several months now, Xbox players have had less luck. The release of Valheim on Xbox, which will include support for crossplay, is still planned for early 2023.

Finally, the Valheim developers want to make the game more accessible. If there is something that affects the gaming experience in Valheim, Iron Gate accepts accessibility suggestions via email.

That's all we know about the Ashlands and Valheim roadmap for now. Safe sailing, Vikings!

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