Remnant II – How to unlock the "Chicago Typewriter" Tommy Gun

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Remnant II - How to unlock the "Chicago Typewriter" Tommy Gun

Remnant II has been referred to as a "loot shooter" by some, but the amount of weapons and gear you'll find in the game's world is actually quite limited. That said, there are some secrets to be found, including the Chicago Typewriter. Essentially a version of the classic Tommy gun, this is not only an effective weapon, but probably a fun reference to other games that have had their own Chicago Typewriters, such as the Resident Evil series. So how do you find it? It's not too hard if you know how. Follow these steps and you'll be rubbing out dirty rats in no time…

Step 1 – Get Biome Portal Key

The Biome Portal Key is awarded to you by The Keeper — a key NPC you'll encounter after completing the Labyrinth (always the second major area you tackle in the game). This allows you to activate certain portals in the maze.

Step 2 – Find the secret portal

Return to the entrance to the maze by fast traveling to the Fractured Ingress World Stone. Go right/east, then take the right path again where the path forks. Follow this path for a while until you come to a portal that you probably went through the first time you played through the maze, but this time, squeeze around it. Look over the ledge behind the portal and you'll see a second portal floating in the air. Drop into it.

Follow the path forward through another portal, then take an immediate left. You're in a small area that can actually help you with the maze's boss, as you can shoot a weak point through a gap in the wall. But of course you've probably already defeated that boss. Along the side of this small block are a series of blocks against the wall. Climb them and follow the path, doing some platforming and crouching as needed. Eventually you'll come to a portal you can unlock with the Biome Portal Key.

Step 3 – Collect Your Reward!

The portal takes you back to Ward 13, specifically inside a ship full of cargo containers. Here you can pick up the Chicago Typewriter and the Leto Mark II armor set.

So there you are — go out and spell your name on some walls!

Remnant II is now available on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5. You can check out Wccftech's Remnant II guides here. Expect a full review of the game soon.

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