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Quest Wand Mastery Hogwarts Legacy

Wand Mastery quest. The 39th main quest of Hogwarts Legacy is Wand Mastery . In it you will meet ollivander to make the guardian staff and you will have an epic battle against Rookwood. This page is a complete cheat library guide to the Wand Mastery quest in Hogwarts' Legacy, including a detailed description of the quest and any optional objectives.

How to complete Wand Mastery step by step

  • To start the quest you need to go to Ollivander's in Hogsmeade and talk to Gerbold. to ask him to make the watch staff.
  • After a short scene where Ollivander creates the wand, Victor Rookwood will confront you in the street and propose an alliance to ensure that the goblins do not succeed. However, you will decline his offer and one of his lackeys will grab you and appear.
  • In the arena you are teleported to, you will be met with a wave of enemies Ashwinder and Poacher. You have to constantly be on the move and make effective use of Protego/Stupefy to take them all out. After doing so, Rookwood will appear and you will have a wand battle where you have to press the button on the screen repeatedly to make your magic beam stronger than his.
  • Once defeated at Rookwood , more enemies Ashwinder and Poacher will appear, along with Rookwood in the field. Rookwood has a shield amulet that can only be broken by ancient magic, ancient magic casts, or the Protego/Stupefy combo. After breaking his shield charm, deal as much damage as possible to Rookwood, rinse and repeat until you defeat him. You then have to press another button to smash the wand beam out of him before taking him out completely.
  • Once you have defeated Rookwood and have the Guardian's Wand safely, return to the Chamber of Maps and speak to Professor Fig to inform him of your success.
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