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Quest The Caretaker's Lunar Lament Hogwarts Legacy

Quest The Caretaker's Lunar Lament Hogwarts Legacy . The twenty-second main quest in Hogwarts' Legacy is known as "The Caretaker's Moon Lament" . During this quest, you'll meet the caretaker Gladwin Moon, learn how to cast the Alohomora spell, and come across strange Demiguise statues. This page will provide a complete guide to the quest, including a detailed description of each objective, both mandatory and optional.

Find Gladwin Moon

  • To start, find gladwin moon near the reception room where the escalators are located.
  • Moon will ask you to observe a statue of Demiguise and how it changes with the change of day and night.
  • After you do this, go up on the statue and remove the Demiguise Moon .
  • Moon takes you to a nearby locked door and asks you to take care of two additional Demiguise statues , one in the hospital wing and another in the prefect's bathroom.
  • Then he will teach you how to cast the Alohomora spell . You must complete the Learn Spell minigame to learn how to cast Alohomora.

The spell Alohomora is essential in the game , and it will always be equipped without requiring a slot in your spell pool. To open the nearby locked door, cast Alohomora and start a mini-game.

Mini-game to unlock the Alohomora spell

  • Unlocking the mini-game can be confusing at first, but it's not difficult once you understand how it works.
  • The goal is to turn both sets of gears until the lock opens.
  • To do this, spin the left stick in a circle until the extra gears light up green and start spinning.
  • Once you have them in that position, do the same with the other joystick until you see a very similar red reaction. Hold both joysticks in place for a few seconds to complete the mini-game and open the lock.

Location of the Demiguise Statues

  • Once you learn Alohomora, cast Disillusion and go through the locked door.
  • go up the stairs and use Revelio to spot prefects nearby and avoid them.
  • On the first floor is a door with Arithmancy that you can finish now if you wish, although it's best to get away from the prefect by aiming for a far corner and using Basic Cast.
  • Continue up the stairs and keep right to avoid the two prefects in the left corner.
  • Go up the spiral staircase and you will find a locked door on level 1 to the right. Unlock it with the Allohomorous minigame
  • Go to the right side of the prefect's bath to avoid the prefects and you will find a demiguise statue on the other side.
  • Exit the bathroom and go up the spiral staircase on the right to reach the Wing Floo Flames Hospital. Turn left and carefully walk past the nurse and teacher near one of the beds.
  • You'll find the second Demiguise statue by a table at the other end of the room.

Once you have the Demiguise Moons, return to Gladwin. He will promise to help you unlock stronger forms of Alohomora if you help him. So the mission ends.

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