Quake II Remaster to be unveiled at QuakeCon, says Leaker

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Quake II Remaster to be unveiled at QuakeCon, says Leaker

Following last month's assessment by the South Korean board, a new rumor has surfaced regarding a potential Quake II remaster announcement.

Acclaimed gamer billbil-kun obtained some documents from the US and EU rating boards (ESRB and PEGI), and it seems that these files reveal that the rating for the Quake II remaster will go live on the ESRB website at address 11 August.

That likely means a reveal at QuakeCon 2023 since the returning convention (after three years of virtual events caused by the COVID pandemic) will take place next week at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas, from Thursday, August 10 through Sunday. August 13. It is conceivable that the game will be unveiled on the first day of QuakeCon 2023, with the review going live the following day.

The documents also confirm that the Quake II remaster will be released for the same platforms as the Quake I remaster: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and Nintendo Switch. The Quake I remaster was released two years ago; made by Nightdive Studios (System Shock), it also received an expansion pack made by MachineGames. The Wolfenstein studio also released a new map and a Horde mode a few months later. Fans are hoping this new remaster will get a similar treatment. Also, although not confirmed by billbil-kun, the game will likely be included in the Game Pass library, like all Bethesda games since the acquisition by Microsoft.

This Quake II remaster can be seen as a way to pump new life into the franchise. id Software fans have long speculated that the Texan developer might make another installment of the venerable arena shooter series. Their last game, DOOM Eternal, launched three years ago, so an announcement might not be too far off.

As a reminder, PC gamers can already play Quake II RTX, a stunning, fully raytraced version of the game recreated by NVIDIA's Lightspeed Studios. It is unlikely that this remaster will be able to surpass Quake II RTX visually.

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