PS5 Cloud Streaming Beta Now Live, Includes 4K Support (Unlike Microsoft's XCloud)

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PS5 Cloud Streaming Beta Now Live, Includes 4K Support (Unlike Microsoft's XCloud)

The new PS5 cloud streaming feature is live as part of a limited preview that some PlayStation Plus Premium members have just been invited to. It's separate from the recently announced PlayStation 5 beta firmware, although receiving this invite also grants access to the new firmware.

According to early reports on the ResetEra board, the PS5 cloud streaming feature supports 4K resolution, which is a surprise. Sony's PlayStation Now cloud service is limited to 1080p streaming, for example, as is Microsoft's XCloud (included as part of the Game Pass Ultimate subscription tier). It's kind of funny that Microsoft, despite regulators considering it a potentially dominant player in the cloud market to the point where the CMA blocked the Activision Blizzard deal on that basis alone, is actually behind not only PC cloud streaming services like GeForce NOW and Shadow but also Sony's own PS5 streaming.

Regardless, 4K resolution PS5 cloud streaming (which should launch "soon" for the wider public) holds up pretty well against native games, at least according to initial reports. You can also check out a photo comparison here.

The following games are currently available:

It's interesting to see Sony pushing in this direction between PS5 cloud streaming and the upcoming Project Q handheld. Use of this new PlayStation 5 feature is currently limited to the console itself, so it's really just a way to avoid downloading games, but it's likely that Sony will eventually allow streaming to the Project Q device as well.

Project Q is due to be released later this year, and runs a customized version of Android as its operating system. Early rumors point to a fairly low battery life target.

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