No need to be a technician! The Roborock app extends smart cleaning to every house with time and energy efficiency

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No need to be a technician! The Roborock app extends smart cleaning to every house with time and energy efficiency

Roborock has been bringing innovative cleaning products to our homes for nearly a decade. Sold and loved globally by millions of customers, the company continues to focus intensely on the research and development of not only new hardware technology, but also software. Over the past year, the Roborock team has developed and improved the app that makes cleaning even easier.

Many people continue to believe that smart vacuum cleaners are for "young" people who know their technology. With a company like Roborock, whose entire vision has been to make smart cleaning more accessible and to be the most innovative company in the world, the intuitive app ensures that everyone can not only use Roborock's smart vacuum cleaners, but use them to make life easier .

Cleaning with the Roborock app is easier than you think

Premium robovacs that introduce cutting-edge technologies also deserve equally brilliant software support. After years of feedback from customer experiences, Roborock has now updated its app to make it not only easier to use, but also meet different life scenarios to suit each home's unique cleaning requirements.

With TAP TAP CLEAN, Roborock's improved app handles all of our customers' pain points, including mapping issues. While most smart vacuum cleaners now come with mapping and no-go zone features, not all follow these rules.

When you get a new Roborock or move it to a new home (or even reset it in the same home), just run the Quick Mapping feature in the app. In this mode, your robovac will build a complete map of your entire home and give you clear instructions on the app to help it make the most efficient map possible. For the Quick Mapping session, make sure to:

This session is not for cleaning; The quick mapping simply goes through your house to create a fast and accurate map that will help your Roborock find the most energy-saving and efficient route to follow while cleaning.

Once the map is generated, your app will show you several options to set up no-go zones, edit room names, share rooms, edit furniture, edit floor type (tile/wood), and set the room order for cleaning. It will also give you smart no-go zone suggestions, including areas you might otherwise ignore. These may include:

Done with the mapping and sharing problems? Good! Now we can move on to other options in the app that make cleaning easier with a single tap. On the home screen you can see 3 options to clean: Full, Rooms and Zones. Full mode will clean up the entire house included in the map; with room you can choose which specific room the robovac should go to, and with zones you can choose several areas, for example kitchen, living room and hallway.

Under the map, at the bottom right, you will also see an icon to select the cleaning mode if you want. This will give you options to choose vacuum only, mop only, Vac&Mop or a custom mode. You can also set up suction power, water flow and route options to speed up cleaning. These are all optional features for those times when you want to focus on selective areas, run a deep cleaning session, or run a super quick cleaning session before your parents show up.

The faucet. LOSS. PURE. app now also lets you customize shortcuts on the app's home screen to help you select your most-used custom cleaning options with one swipe. You can also include multiple commands in one shortcut!

Carpeted areas in the house? You can turn on the Deep Carpet Cleaning option, where the robovac runs once more, focusing on the carpets. There is also an option to select the floor direction (horizontal or vertical) which is useful for wooden floors that have cracks as a specific direction can improve the cleaning experience.

Now we all know that the latest Roborocks are fantastic at avoiding obstacles like socks, cables and toys rather than getting stuck with them and needing rescue. Thanks to this obstacle avoidance technology, you can set up cleaning schedules in your absence without worry. The app itself now shows the obstacle icon and location on the map to help you move them if you want the area to be cleaned on your next run.

All these improved features make cleaning with a Roborock easier and even more worry-free. Add in the other features like low charge, accessory status, and remote cleaning, and the app is actually a treat to use with tons of one-tap features.

Get your Roborock to clean up the dining room after a meal, children's room with toys on the floor or several floors without it getting confused and stuck.

Save energy and time! This year, bring a Roborock home and make cleaning easier and faster with Roborock's robovacs and the new and improved app.

*App available for both App Store and Google Play.

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