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Natsai Onai in Hogwarts' Legacy

Refine See , voiced by Jessica Hayles, is one of the companions you can find in the Hogwarts legacy. Also known as Natty to her friends, she is a student at Gryffindor house that you will be able to make friends with during your studies, thus unlocking side quests and exclusive opportunities.

Natty is a wise young woman who puts justice above all else. She hails from Matabeleland, Africa, although she moved to Uganda at a young age and attended Ouagadou after her father was murdered by bandits. Subsequently, Ella Natty moved to Hogwarts after her mother accepted the position of Divination teacher in that institution, allowing them to stay together.

List of quests with Natsai Onai in Hogwarts' Legacy

Below are the 7 side quests where you can cooperate with Natty at Hogwarts. You can choose to take these quests at any time during the main story or after completing it.

  • The lost child
  • mom is the word
  • A basis for extortion
  • pain and revenge
  • looking for focus
  • Harlow's Last Stand
  • act on instinct
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