Microsoft Paint app update for Windows Insiders adds the AI-based Cocreator feature

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Microsoft Paint app update for Windows Insiders adds the AI-based Cocreator feature

As rumored earlier this month, Microsoft is adding yet another new feature to the Paint app for Windows 10 and 11 for Insider Program members. The new feature is called Cocreator and adds AI-generated image features to Paint.

Here's the announcement from the Windows Insider blog:

Today, we're starting to roll out an update for the Paint app to Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev channels (version 11.2309.20.0 or higher). With this update, we're excited to introduce Paint Cocreator, a new AI-powered experience powered by DALL-E that helps you create amazing artwork in Paint by describing in a few words what you want to create. You can optionally choose an artwork style, and when you click Create, Paint Cocreator will generate three varieties of artwork for you to choose from. Choose one of them to add to the canvas to start creating!

We're going to be rolling out access slowly at first, so when you get the update, first sign up for the waiting list by signing in with your Microsoft account and clicking the new Cocreator button in the toolbar. You'll get an email notification when you're in the preview and we'll give you 50 credits to get started. Each credit allows you to generate a new set of images.

Currently, the Cocreator feature is only available in the US, France, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy and Germany.

There is also a new support page for this feature that includes how to actually launch the Cocreator feature:

To use Cocreator, open Microsoft Paint and select the Cocreator icon on the toolbar to view the Cocreator sidebar. In the text box, enter a description of the image you want to create. For example, you can write "a blue cat with a red hat" or "a landscape with mountains and a lake". Be as descriptive as possible to generate results that match your expectations.

Microsoft says the Cocreator feature in the Paint app is based on the company's AI standards and guidelines. Includes content filters that prevent the app from creating content from Cocreator "that may be harmful, offensive, or inappropriate."

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