Master Detective Archives: Rain Code – Chapter 3 Mystery Labyrinth Full SS Rank Walkthrough

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Master Detective Archives: Rain Code – Chapter 3 Mystery Labyrinth Full SS Rank Walkthrough

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is the latest game from Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka and Too Kyo Games, and it will test your mind in much the same way. As in Danganronpa, collecting evidence in Rain Code is relatively linear and straightforward, so you probably won't need much help there, but things get tricky once you delve into the game's signature Mystery Labyrinths.

Similar to Danganronpa's elaborate quest, Mystery Labyrinths tasks you with presenting evidence and countering contradictions in a series of mini-games, with a life bar that depletes if you make mistakes. You will also be awarded a rank at the end of each maze, up to SS, if you give all the correct answers without making mistakes or losing too much health. It's no easy task, unless you follow our handy guide, which provides all the Mystery Labyrinth answers for Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Chapter 3 – No Longer a Detective. Scroll on for your cheat sheet…

Warning: There really is no way to a Master Detective Archives: Rain Code guide without SPOILERS, so proceed with caution.

Mystery Labyrinth Basics

Don't worry, there's really no chance of getting lost in the Mystery Labyrinth. They're just a series of Danganronpa-style minigames, tasking you with using logic and giving the right answers to progress. There will be a number of moments in each Mystery Labyrinth where you have to choose the correct path or select a multiple choice answer under a time limit, but the main meat is found in certain recurring minigames, notably Reasoning Deathmatches, Shinigami Puzzles and the final Deduction Denouement that ends each maze. Here's how they work:

Reasoning Deathmatches – This is the main challenge you will face in Mystery Labyrinths. An opponent will hurl various statements at you, which you literally have to dodge by dodging left, right, jumping or ducking. When you see a bright red statement, you may be able to counter it by equipping the correct evidence (or "Solution Key") and slashing it with your sword. Usually, if you counter 1 or 2 statements correctly, you will defeat your Reasoning Deathmatch opponent and move on.

Shinigami Puzzle – Here you simply select letters that rotate around the Shinigami's barrel to spell a key phrase.

God Shinigami Rush – A simple action-based mini-game. Shinigami must deflect iron balls, break through walls and jump over obstacles to finally break down the culprit's defenses. You also have to answer a few multiple choice questions under a time limit.

Deduction Denouement – In this final part of Mystery Labyrinth, you must place key pieces of evidence in chronological order on the pages of a manga-style comic book to accurately recreate the events of the case.

So, with that established, here are your solutions for Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Chapter 3 – No Longer a Detective:

Reasoning Death Match 1

Quiz time 1

Reasoning Death Match 2

Quiz Hour 2

Shinigami Puzzle 1

Reasoning Death Match 3

Quiz Time 3

Follow the culprit's escape route

You are back at the crime scene and must find out how the culprit managed to get away without anyone noticing them.

Reasoning Death Match 4

Quiz Hour 4

Reasoning Death Match 5

Quiz Time 5

God Shinigami Rush

Deduction Denouement

Here's the order you should place the pictures in the graphic novel Deduction Denouement…

1 – Surveillance camera

2 – Telephone booth

3 – Shachi's gun

4 – Shachi's right hand

5 – Open drain

6 – Lower down

7 – Icardi

And there you go! Chapter 3 is actually one of the more straightforward cases in the game, but there were still some difficult leaps of logic to make.

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is available now on Nintendo Switch. You can check out guides for other chapters of the game here. Here is Wccftech's full review of the game.

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