Learn how to complete the Destiny 2 Aspect of Destruction quest in Beyond Light

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Learn how to complete the Destiny 2 Aspect of Destruction quest in Beyond Light

Seeking Destiny 2 Aspect of Destruction will give you your second Stasis Subclass Aspect, but first you must complete Born in Darkness Part 4. Titans can generate special Stasis Shards by breaking glass, Hunters can create a slower pulse by dodging, and Warlocks can instantly freeze nearby enemies by casting a rift.

On the other hand, acquiring these Destiny 2 shells will require the destruction of nine Entropic Fragments , which can take a significant amount of time. Here's everything you need to know about the Destiny 2 Aspect of Destruction quest to complete it optimally and efficiently.

Complete the Destiny 2 Aspect of Destruction Quest

You can receive the Aspect of Destruction quest from Exo Strange immediately after completing Part 4 of Destiny 2's Born in Darkness questline . The two steps you need to complete are:

While the previous Beyond Light mission in Destiny 2, Aspect of Control, asks you to destroy five Entropic Shards, A Spect of Destruction requires the removal of all nine . That should give you four to get, and hopefully you'll remember which ones you've already destroyed. As a reminder , fire a grenade from Salvation's Grip , Beyond Light's exotic grenade launcher unlocked in a Drifter mission, into each entropic shard to destroy them.

However, if you have already destroyed all nine Entropic Fragments, this step will be completed automatically and you will go directly to the next. And that shards are based on your account, this jump also applies to any other Destiny 2 characters you have, making these quests much easier for your fellow Guardians.

Crux of Darkness Focus

With all nine entropic fragments destroyed, you are ready to proceed with the final step of the Aspect of Destruction quest. Go to the Eventide Ruins and take the gravity lift north on the Riis-Reborn Approach.

Follow the path through the ruined town of Eliksni and when you reach the first crossroads (by the building just after the bridge), you should take the top path to the left. Follow that route and then descend to a large room where the Crux of Darkness floats . When you get close to him, contact Crux , defeat the enemies and then you will get your second stasis skin.

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