Is Quidditch in Hogwarts' heritage?

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Is Quidditch in Hogwarts' heritage?

Is Quidditch in Hogwarts' heritage? The game Quidditch World Cup Released in 2003, it remains hugely popular with fans of the sport, making its inclusion in Hogwarts' legacy seem like a no-brainer, as long as it fits into the game's timeline. Although we know that Hogwarts' legacy is set for the XNUMXth. century, long before the events of Harry Potter, there are still familiar features such as the Floo Flame's fast travel system and the common rooms of the Hogwarts Legacy. So, where does this leave Quidditch? Although previous incarnations of the game were recorded in the XNUMXth century, with other broomstick games dating back even further, Warner Bros. confirmed that it will not be playable at this time. Quidditch at Hogwarts Heritage.

Can I play Quidditch at Hogwarts Legacy?

Warner Bros. has confirmed that Quidditch will not be available on Hogwarts Legacy , according to the official FAQ page. The same page mentions the game's multiplayer mode, but this does not mean that Quidditch is out of the question in the future.

Although Quidditch will not be available , you will be able to fly on a broomstick and experience the thrill of the hunt in Hogwarts' legacy. The FAQ page also mentions that there are broomstick flying minigames, such as broomstick racing. To play, check the controls and updates to Hogwarts Legacy .

While there is a possibility that Quidditch will be released as DLC in the future, nothing has been confirmed yet. Also, a third-party Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod is already in the works.

In summary , Quidditch is not available on Hogwarts Legacy , there is still a lot to explore on the game map. If you're just starting out, be sure to import your wand and house from your Wizarding World account for exclusive rewards. You can also check Hogwarts Legacy guides to know more about the game.

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