Intel Arc A570M and A530M Mobility GPUs Launched with Alchemist ACM-G12 Chip

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Intel Arc A570M and A530M Mobility GPUs Launched with Alchemist ACM-G12 Chip

Intel has quietly introduced two brand new mobility GPUs, the Arc A570M and A530M, based on the Alchemist ACM-G12 die.

Intel Alchemist ACM-G12 GPUs come to mobility as Arc A570M and A530M discrete chips

The Intel Arc A570M was leaked a few days ago, so a launch was expected, but surprisingly, there was no buzz for these new discreet offerings. Based on the information revealed by the company, it appears that the Arc A570M will have 16 Xe cores with clock speeds rated at 1.3 GHz. The GPU comes with a slightly higher 75W-95W TDP than its closest counterpart, the Arc A550M. The company didn't release any performance metrics for either launch, but we expect a smaller bump from the A550M, mainly due to the superior clock speeds.

Intel has also launched a low-cost variant in the Arc A-Series series, the Arc A530M. This GPU comes with 12 Xe cores and the same clock speed of 1.3 GHz. The Arc A530M is rated to perform at 65W-95W.

However, Bionic_Squash revealed that both of the new launches from Intel are based on the Alchemist ACM-G12 GPU die that was also recently used by the Arc Pro A60 graphics card. Intel labeled both the Arc A570M and Arc A530M as "5697" and "5696" respectively, in the MESA driver which has confirmed that the GPU does indeed have the "G12" die. Apart from that, several unallocated device IDs were found, showing many SKUs in development, while we are not sure if they will be released.

Intel has mentioned "Q3 2023" as the official launch date for the revealed GPUs, but we believe that they have been sent to companies since the respective drivers have already appeared online. The Arc A570M has already been integrated into a laptop from the Japanese company LAVIE, and you can see the ACM-G12 matrices below.

We expect further details to be unveiled in the future; However, it seems that Intel is getting aggressive with releases in the industry. The Arc A-Series now has seven different GPUs, and additional products are also on the way.

Intel Arc A-Series Mobility GPU lineup:

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