How to wait for Hogwarts Legacy

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How to wait for Hogwarts Legacy

If you start playing Hogwarts legacy , you will know how to wait correctly. Some quests and challenges are only available day or night, so you'll have to wait accordingly. It can also be exciting to wait until night to explore the Forbidden Forest with an eerie atmosphere , or to fly over the Hogwarts towers while the Gothic-style windows emit a yellow light that looks like something from a movie.

Despite having a bed in your dorm, you cannot sleep at Hogwarts Legacy. Instead, you have to wait for time to pass from day to night or vice versa. But how is it expected in the game? It can be confusing at first, as the wait function is a bit hidden on the map. However, it is easy to access once you know how. Here we show you how to do it.

How to Wait for Hogwarts Legacy Step by Step

That's about it. Now that you know how to wait in Hogwarts, why not check out our other guides for the game?

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