How to use Torgal in Final Fantasy XVI

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How to use Torgal in Final Fantasy XVI

How to use Torgal in Final Fantasy XVI . At the start of Final Fantasy 16 , we are introduced to Torgal, who is just a small cub . Despite his original size and cute appearance, Torgal demonstrates to Clive his formidable skills in battle after a glimpse into the future.

While you can't directly control Torgal in battle, you do have the ability to tell him which enemies to engage and which techniques to use. . Aside from his already powerful claws and teeth, Torgal has the ability to restore Clive's health during battles, making him an important ally.

Continue reading to learn how to use Torgal in Final Fantasy XVI , perform Precision Dashes, and check Torgal's stats.

How to use Torgal in Final Fantasy XVI

In Chapter 8 titled "Hide, Hide", Torgal becomes your battle ally. Your first opportunity to engage Torgal in battle will be in the Greatwood Forest.

In Final Fantasy 16 , Torgal is not directly controlled by the player . However, Clive has the ability to instruct Torgal using the directional pad. Although the D-Pad is typically used to access items such as Potions and Tonics, pressing left on the D-Pad activates three Torgal-specific commands: Rush, Heal, and Fury . Each instruction has a special function that players can activate mid-match by pressing the corresponding button. These actions are only available in combat situations.

All of Torgal's abilities in Final Fantasy XVI

In the world of Final Fantasy 16 , Torgal is a wolf who accompanies Clive on his adventures. . Throughout the game , Torgal has three specific abilities that you can use in Final Fantasy matches. :

  • Assault,
  • healing,
  • Rage.

When you choose "Onslaught", Torgal bites the opponent and deals significant damage . This command can be initiated mid-match by pressing the specified button. This attack is especially useful for increasing damage to a previously damaged opponent in a vulnerable position.

You can review Torgal's stats by going to the stats screen and using L1 or R1 to toggle between Clive's and Torgal's stats.

  • Torga attack

"Onslaught" is an attack that targets a single enemy and deals decent damage . By default, Torgal will attack the enemy Clive is targeting, but "Onslaught" will select a different opponent if Clive isn't targeting anyone. It is a quick attack, ideal for increasing damage on weakened opponents. Performing "Rush" after a precision dodge or at the end of a series of hits will trigger a "Precision Dash".

  • Torgal's healing

Even if players choose not to use "Onslaught" or "Fury" and rely solely on Clive to deal damage, it's important to understand how Torgal's "Heal" ability works, especially when playing Final Fantasy 16 in action-oriented mode. When Clive is hit, a segment of his life bar turns gray instead of disappearing. This segment indicates the amount of health that Torgal is able to restore. Upon activating "Heal", Torgal will let out a howl that triggers an AoE effect that gradually regenerates nearby teammates . However, this recovery only affects the gray segment of Clive's health bar.

  • Thorgal Fury

"Fury" is similar to "Onslaught" in terms of dealing damage, but this move focuses on affecting multiple opponents . Despite being less agile than Onslaught, Fury has the added benefit of knocking back smaller enemies, leaving them vulnerable to blunt attacks or temporarily immobilizing them. This is an ideal time for Clive to go away and gather his strength. Like 'Onslaught', 'Fury' can also be performed after a precise dodge or at the end of a series of hits.

Late in the game we find out that Torgal is actually Fenrir. . At this moment, our loyal ally undergoes a metamorphosis and acquires new skills :

  • eclipsing howl
  • millennial erosion
  • magna fury
  • howling moon
  • flash lightning
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