How to use Rings for Easy Mode in Final Fantasy XVI

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How to use Rings for Easy Mode in Final Fantasy XVI

How to use Rings for Easy Mode in Final Fantasy XVI . Considered to be some of the most outstanding JRPGs of all time, numerous Final Fantasy titles have played at different levels of difficulty in different ways throughout the history of this famous saga. However, Final Fantasy XVI seems to introduce a captivating approach to how to approach the subject, allowing players to choose "how" they prefer the game to be easier for them.

Not only are there different difficulties to choose from, but there are also unique accessories that can change the way the game unfolds and facilitate certain elements. This provides a customizable level of difficulty.

The rings in Final Fantasy XVI essentially act as difficulty adjusters. ; but instead of being options on a menu, they are objects in their own right. This type of item has gained some popularity in recent years, as is the case with the Chicken Hat in Metal Gear Solid V. This time around, there are five different attachments to choose from, each changing the game in different ways to give you a fighting edge. . Now they present how to use rings for Easy mode in Final Fantasy XVI and their respective functions.

How to use Rings for Easy Mode in Final Fantasy XVI

You will have the option to choose between two different levels of difficulty . The first is narrative oriented, and acts as a kind of "Easy mode" in the game. The other, on the other hand, focuses on action and is probably the preferred choice for many players who want to experience the game at the difficulty level it was originally designed for.

What are the rings that activate "Easy mode" in Final Fantasy XVI

You have the option to choose between two different difficulty settings . The former is plot-oriented and acts as an "easy mode" version of the game. The second emphasizes combat and is likely the default selection for many players who want to experience the game at the difficulty it was originally designed for.

The focus on the action will facilitate the game by introducing exclusive accessories with "Ringer" in their original denomination . Each of these timely additions will tweak an aspect of the game to make it easier for players who may find it difficult. Here is a complete list of famous "Rings" accessories.

auto attack ring

The Auto Attack Ring, when equipped, will make it easy for you to perform intricate skill sequences with a simple press of the square button . This means that you simply need to press the square button for Clive to go through powerful combos without having to go through all the finesse to deal damage.

auto dodge ring

Auto-Dodge Ring will slow down time when there is a chance to escape . This can be very beneficial for players who want to avoid taking damage, but still want to be in charge of pressing the necessary buttons.

brake ring

The Ring of Slowing will cause Clive to automatically dodge , and can be considered an advanced version of the Auto-Dodge ring.

auto potion ring

The Auto-Potion ring will automatically perform pet commands on your behalf . If you already have the Slow Ring on, you don't need this ring.

support ring

Ring of Support will automatically trigger the use of a healing potion when your health reaches a certain threshold . All your standard potions will be used up before you start using High Potions.

You can put and remove these rings at will , so if you come across an exceptionally challenging boss that hits you repeatedly, you can equip the Auto Attack Ring and the Evade rings to avoid any attack and easily defeat it to continue the action.

Final Fantasy 16: How to change the difficulty level

You can adjust the difficulty level of Final Fantasy XVI at any time by going to the game settings and changing the game option. . Here we will explain to you how to do it:

  • Press the Start button to open the main menu .
  • Continue holding R2 until you reach the System tab .
  • Press R1 to navigate to Game Settings.
  • Use the left stick to scroll to the Play option.
  • To change difficulty, press left or right on the D-Pad .
  • To exit the settings menu, press the Circle button.
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