How to start working as a taxi driver in GTA online

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How to start working as a taxi driver in GTA online

GTA Online recently launched the Taxi Work feature, which allows players to join the Downtown Cab Co. as drivers and earn extra money while transporting passengers around Los Santos and Blaine County .

Although taxi driving is a common side quest in the series since GTA 3 was released over 20 years ago, this is the first time it has been implemented in GTA Online . However, there are some key differences in how this feature works compared to previous versions, with less focus on time limits and no longer needed to handle multiple clients at once.

If you want to know how to start working as a taxi driver in GTA Online , follow these steps:

Where to start GTA online taxi job

To start working as a taxi driver in GTA Online, you need to receive a text message from Downtown Cab Co. which confirms that Taxi Work is available to you.

When you access this feature, a map marker will appear on the screen to indicate the Downtown Cab Co. office. south of Diamond Resort and Casino.

Go to that location, enter the office, interact with the doors at the top to get your taxi driver's license and start your job. Will appear outside in a Vapid Taxi , and your first customer will appear as a blue character on the map.

If you already own a personal Vapid Taxi, you can also start working as a taxi driver by simply clicking the right stick while driving it.

How to fill in prices in GTA Online Taxi Work

The Taxi Work functionality in GTA Online has been updated, offering a different experience than previous versions. In this iteration , you will only have access to one client per trip , and there will be no time limit to complete the fee .

To get started, go to the flashing blue sign on the map , press the left stick to sound the horn and wait for the customer to enter the taxi .

Then follow the route to the customer's destination . The tip will be higher than the base price, but will gradually decrease over time and if you bump into things.

Therefore, you will get a higher profit if you drive quickly and safely to the delivery point . However, you don't lose a lot of money with each crash, so don't worry too much about the occasional bump.

You can continue working as a taxi driver until you press the button to get out of the vehicle, destroy the cabin or reach the desired level.

What rewards can you find in GTA taxi online?

Taxi jobs in GTA Online offer various rewards, in addition to the fees and tips charged. Although these start at around $1000 per trip and increase with each successive customer you bring in up to a maximum of 10 in a row, it's not a huge amount of money.

However, completing 10 prizes in a row will unlock the trade price of the Vapid Taxi in Warstock Cache & Carry, reducing it by 25% from $650,000 to $487,500.

It has also been reported that completing 50 total cab fares will unlock the Downtown Cab Company design for Classique Broadway , and completing 10 stunt jumps during the Taxi job will grant the Downtown Cab Company design for Willard Eudora , but it has not yet been done. confirmed if these vehicles will be usable for future taxi work or if these finishes are purely cosmetic.

More information will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

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