How to split the screen on Huawei?

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How to split the screen on Huawei?

Huawei phone users can now share their phone's screen to use two apps at the same time. This feature is a convenient way to multitask quickly and efficiently. For Huawei users who want to use this feature, here is a detailed explanation of how to share screen on a Huawei phone step by step.

1. What is Huawei Screen Split feature?

The split screen function on Huawei now it is one of the most used and effective functions. This feature allows Huawei users to split the screen into two parts to improve the browsing experience. This means that instead of using two apps at the same time, users can run both apps simultaneously on the same screen. In other words, it is as if you have two screens on the same screen. This allows Huawei users to make the most of their time. , which makes it much more efficient.

Using the screen sharing feature: First, open the toolbar on your Huawei device, you can find this option in the custom settings. Then tap on the split screen option to open the app. When it starts, select an app you want to open, then select the other app you want to open, press the "cast" button to split the screen between the selected apps, and the screen will be split in half. It will keep it partitioned as shown on the screen without you having to follow any additional procedures.

There are several uses for this screen sharing feature. You can use this feature to open multiple browsers at the same time and switch between them while working on a project. You can also use it to work on several documents at the same time, or for a video conference where you need to share the documents. Or even surfing the web while watching a video, for example. Using the screen sharing feature is incredibly useful for improving productivity , and in addition, it also helps save battery and data.

2. How to access screen sharing on Huawei

To access split screen on Huawei, the first thing you need to do is open the Settings app on your phone, then swipe down to find the Display button. Once there, click on it to enter the display configuration panel. This panel will show you the Screen Sharing option, where you will see a detailed description of what Screen Sharing is.

Once you understand what screen sharing is, the next step is to enable the feature. To do this, just tap the slider on the right to enable split screen mode. If you want to resize one of your windows, you can use the controls below the image to set the desired size.

Once you have changed the screen settings as desired, screen sharing is ready to use. You can move from one window to another just by pressing the corresponding button. And if you want to remove screen sharing, just turn off the slider on the right to disable screen sharing. Now you are ready to use split screen on your Huawei phone effectively.

3. Benefits of screen sharing on Huawei devices

La Screen Split in Huawei devices offers remarkable advantages that simplify and improve the user experience, and we can highlight some important advantages such as:

La primera is that it allows multitasking applications to be used at the same time with an elegant and practical design, in addition to organizing the screen with 2, 3, 4 or more applications, which improves user productivity. This is achieved through the use of an intuitive ergonomic interface designed to offer the greatest possible comfort to the user.

Another point to highlight is that it allows users to edit content with complex and advanced tools, such as the ability to drag elements in the middle of the screen, use of floating windows, among others. These tools offer a means to develop user-friendly and optimized content on your devices.

In addition, Screen Split on Huawei devices is convenient for those who have to watch videos or work with large applications that occupy the entire screen, as it allows them to open all the applications they need, such as browsers, social networks, software and so on. on, all at the same time, without having to close one by one and open another. This makes everyday use of the phone really pleasant.

4. How do I use Huawei Screen Split to run multiple apps at the same time?

It is very easy to use screen sharing to run multiple apps at the same time. First, open your phone settings and find the split screen section. There you will see that you can share the screen however you want. If you choose to split it in two, you can find options such as horizontal or vertical split.

Once you've selected the vertical split screen layout, you'll need to select two apps to split the screen to. You must then open the two segments to view the contents. The number of screen segments can vary from 2 to 6, depending on the phone model.

When you want to close any of the apps, just tap on the first app and select the close button. You will then see the app disappear and the content added to the other app appear on the other page. This is all you need to know to use screen sharing to run multiple apps at the same time.

5. How to set up and customize screen sharing on Huawei

Screen sharing is a convenient feature of the Android operating system, designed to help users work with two apps at the same time. With just a few steps, users will be able to set up screen sharing on any Huawei device. Here is a step-by-step guide to enable this feature on Huawei smartphones:

1) Press and hold the home button:
This step includes holding down the device's home button until a screen with all open apps appears. From the list, users have to select and open two desired apps; then they will have the option to choose the screen layout.

2) Select screen layout:
The split screen appears as a rectangular element in the lower right corner of the screen. Users can tap this box to split the screen according to their preferences. The user can also choose to expand one of the two applications on the entire screen.

3) Customize screen layout:
After selecting the screen layout, the user has the option to customize it. This can be done by pressing the box and moving it to the desired location. Users also have the option to manually split the screen to slide the tiles. Once the job is complete, the user can press the start button to apply the desired changes.

6. Common problems when using screen sharing on Huawei

There are several common issues related to screen sharing settings on Huawei devices. Users get lost in certain situations, but here are some common problems and solutions.

1. Can't share an application
Sometimes there are some applications that are not allowed to share. This can happen when you try to share certain already open apps. The solution would be to close the app first and then open it again, then we can try to share it. In case the problem is not resolved, we can try to update the application from the Play Store. Thus, we will have unlocked the partition option and we can try again for the partitioning of the application to work correctly.

2. Partition button locked
In case you have trouble finding the partition button, the solution will be to go to the Google Play Store, update the application and the problem will probably be solved. Sometimes it can also crash when you change your device settings, a case of this would be when you change the screen orientation. In these cases, it is recommended to restart the device to try to solve the problem.

3. The partition key does not work
In some cases, the partition key doesn't work and it's a good idea to just reboot the device. This means that the last option to try to fix the problem is to restart the device. However, if this does not resolve the issue, check the key setting and change it to see if this resolves the issue.

7. How to switch between apps and Windows using split screen mode on Huawei?

Huawei allows screen splitting, giving you the ability to have more than one tab open at the same time. In this way, you will save yourself from having to choose between two apps or two windows. This resource will help you work easier and more efficiently on your device.

To opt out of activating this feature on your Huawei, you can do so from the device settings. Go to "Settings > Screen & lock > Split screen". There you will find several options for configuring screen sharing mode. For the Huawei P20 pro, you will have two designs, such as the classic and the modern. This means more freedom to decide how you want them to look on screen.

Once you choose imposed to your liking, you can start enjoying split screen mode. You can choose between apps and windows to keep you open and looking at the screen. You can choose between Multi-windows, split reading or quickly select the part of the movie you want for a better understanding of the content.

In conclusion, sharing the screen on a Huawei device is a relatively simple process and can be done with most Huawei phones or tablets. For those users who choose to share their screen, they can enjoy better productivity when multitasking and have greater satisfaction when using their devices.

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