How to solve the clock tower puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

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How to solve the clock tower puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Are you lost at Hogwarts and stuck trying to solve the clock tower puzzle for a long time? Don't worry, there is a much better spell you can use to solve it quickly .

This guide will provide everything you need to know about how to solve the puzzle of the Bell Tower , which is part of the side quest "Solved by the Bell" in the game Hogwarts Legacy, including the previous quest you must complete.

How to solve the bell tower puzzle in Solved by the Bell

Once you've started the side quest "Solve the Clock" , you can find the clock tower puzzle in the choir room, which is located in the clock tower wing in the western half of Hogwarts.

The closest location of the Floo fire would be the bell tower courtyard. To get there, go up the first flight of stairs on the right from the courtyard until you reach a small hallway with an eye chest at the end. The next room will be the choir room. Once there, go to the back of the room and go up the wooden stairs until you get to the clock tower.

Although you can try to solve the puzzle with the Accio spell, it will be much easier to go back to place the two missing bells if you have the Wingardium Leviosa amulet, as it allows you to adjust the height, distance and rotation of the object you are hovering .

In order to learn this spell, you must progress along the main questline until you attend your first herb class with Professor Garlick. He will then task you with testing the Venomous Tentacula and Mandrake plants in battle.

Once you've completed the task, you'll return to the herb class where Professor Garlick will teach you how to use the advanced levitation formula. If you need information on how to get the two plants, check out our guide here.

Return to the clock tower and use the amulet to levitate the two clocks. The first bell will be located right by the stairs, while the second will be found in a corner under the second staircase. If you have trouble finding them, use the Revelio spell and the bells will be highlighted in blue.

The first bell should be placed in the bottom row, next to the largest bell. The second clock should fit in the top row, on the far left.

Take advantage of the fact that you are already in the Clock Tower to take a look at what is at the top. On the balcony you'll find a small chest and a toad statue that will teleport you to the balcony of another tower containing a legendary chest.

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