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How to solve Hogwarts legacy arrows

How to Solve Hogwarts Arrows of Legacy . Treasure chambers in Hogwarts Legacy give you higher quality equipment to improve your character's level . But in order to access the treasure stored in these chambers, you sometimes have to solve a puzzle without having any indication.

Along the way, you will come across different arrow block puzzles , and you probably feel unsure how to solve them all. However, it is much easier than it seems, and we will consider the three that you can find in the world. Next, we'll show you how to solve Hogwarts' legacy arrows.

How to solve Hogwarts' old arrow puzzles and gain access to the treasure chambers

The first treasure chamber we will explore is in the North Ford Swamp region. At the top, use the Floo Flame from the Tower of Saint Bakar and continue south across the bridge until you reach the treasure room. .

To gain access, you only need to knock down the barrier with a basic throw. Then go inside and you will find an arrow block on the floor in front of you, separated from the other blocks by the wall. Use Wingardium Leviosa to lift the block in front of you, and turn it upside down so the arrow points down . Then place it in the empty space between the two upper blocks and you've solved the puzzle. Finally, you will be able to collect the treasure that is on the right.

Next, we find the treasure chamber located just north of the town of Feldcroft. Start at Feldcroft's Floo Flame and head towards the treasure chamber , just below another treasure chamber and near some ruins.

To unlock this camera, simply find a nearby block and place it on the platform in front of the main entrance. The block will be hidden to the left of the entrance, behind some hills. Use Revelio to spot it and then pick it up with Wingardium Leviosa and place it on the platform . Finally, use Levioso on the block and the main entrance will open before you.

Once inside, you will see a block on your left. Take it with Wingardium Leviosa and rotate until the arrow points down . Afterwards, place it in the empty slot on top of the pile of blocks, which will unlock the treasure.

In the Feldcroft region, west of Rookwood Castle , you'll find the ultimate arrow block challenge treasure vault. Use the Rookwood Castle Floo Flame Spell and continue west until you reach the vault, just before the river. Once there, you simply need to use the Depulso spell to open the main entrance. .

For this puzzle you will find two moving blocks, one in the middle and one on top of the stack on the left side of the room. First, use the Wingardium Leviosa spell to lift the center block and place it in the open slot on the left of the stack. Make sure the arrow points upwards . Next, pick up the other block and rotate it so that the arrow points to the right. Place it in the empty slot on the right and the treasure door will open.

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