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How to sleep in Sons of The Forest

How to sleep in Sons of The Forest . In Sons of the Forest , the rest system is only available when there is no danger nearby , preventing players from sleeping to escape combat or being attacked while resting. Sleeping is essential to survival in the game, and to do so you must build a bed or similar object. . In addition, it will be explained how to sleep in the sons of the forest and what are the consequences of not sleeping.

How to sleep in Sons of The Forest

To sleep in Sons of the Forest, you must build some sort of shelter. or structure that makes it possible to sleep inside. The easiest option is to build a shelter using a stick and a tarpaulin . First, the tarpaulin is laid out on the ground and then a pole is used in one corner to support it, creating a small fabric shed. Although several sticks can be used to reinforce the structure, only one will be enough.

Once you've built the shelter correctly , you'll be able to approach it and you'll see a couple of options appear on the screen. These options allow you to do two things:

  • Sleep
  • save the game

Sleeping in Sons of the Forest speeds up time, but eliminates fatigue and exhaustion . It is important to note that these factors will increase if the character performs strenuous physical tasks, or if she does not eat or drink for an extended period of time.

Fatigue reduces stamina and the ability to perform physical actions and combat, which should be avoided if possible.

Why can't I sleep in Sons of the Forest

If you can't rest in Sons of the Forest, even with a shelter built, there are most likely enemies nearby. . You must ensure that the surrounding area is free of threats, either by taking them out, driving them away or setting up barricades that prevent them from getting too close. Once you've secured the area, you should be able to take a nap.

In Sons of the Forest , fatigue is represented by a moon icon located in the lower right corner of the screen. This icon recharges after each rest period you take . In addition, fatigue increases quickly when you perform strenuous physical activities such as running, wrestling or felling trees.

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