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How to sell equipment in Hogwarts Legacy

How to sell equipment in Hogwarts Legacy. If you need to free up space in your computer slots or are just interested in making a quick buck , it's important that you know how and where to sell your items in Hogwarts Legacy.

In this sense, we offer you all the necessary information about the sale of objects to vendors scattered throughout the game, so that you can continue to explore and collect more items in your inventory.

With our item sales guide, you will be able to optimize your gaming experience and get the most out of your team.

How to sell equipment

The process of selling items in Hogwarts Legacy is quite simple. To do this, you just need to find the vendors or merchants who are in Hogsmeade or in the nearby highlands, and who are willing to exchange your goods for money.

Once you find them, talk to them and select the "Sell Items" tab to be able to select the items you want to sell. It should be noted that the sale value of your objects will depend on their characteristics, as shown in the following table:

It is important to know that not all dealers will be interested in buying your old equipment. In fact, of all the vendors in Hogsmeade, only two do not accept used goods:

  • Gerbold Ollivander (Ollivander)
  • Calliope Snelling (Madam Snelling's Tress Emporium)

Outside of Hogsmeade, there are a large number of merchants scattered throughout the country, especially within the various villages. However , most of these merchants are not marked on the world map , meaning you have to visit each town to find them.

Although most merchants do not appear on the world map, there is one exception. The location of the traveling merchant Leopold Bapcocke can be seen on the map. He offers a wide variety of valuable products, everything from potions to combat plants.

If you are in any of the villages and want to sell or buy items , look for someone with the symbol of a pile of coins on their head. This sign indicates that this person is willing to trade goods with you.

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