How to run in the hogwarts legacy

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How to run in the hogwarts legacy

How to run in the hogwarts legacy. Basically , the players will only be able to move at normal speed in Hogwarts, but there is a way to drive in the game. the events of the main book and film series, especially at the end of the XNUMXth century.

When you start playing Hogwarts Legacy, players will soon meet Fig, a Hogwarts professor . This character will take the protagonist to the Gringotts bank to open Vault 12 with a mysterious key.

Running in the hogwarts legacy

If Hogwarts Legacy players want to move faster, they can run and press the left stick (L3) on any game controller. There is apparently no time limit on how long this sprint lasts, as long as they are not in the middle of a major conversation or event that would prevent it.

This feature is equally applicable to PlayStation and Xbox users, as both controllers have a proper left stick that allows this action to be performed. The same will happen to those who play in the Nintendo Switch, when the version of this game is available in the middle of this year. On the other hand, for those playing Hogwarts Legacy on PC, it is recommended to check key combinations to find out which key activates the sprint.

button list

If you are looking for a view of each button and its function on the PS5 controller , we provide you with a list below. Remember that the game will be released on April 4th for PS4 and Xbox One and July 25th for Nintendo Switch.

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