How to replace Hogwarts wands with weapons, Luigi Wiimotes and spikes

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How to replace Hogwarts wands with weapons, Luigi Wiimotes and spikes

Modders didn't take long to create their own on Hogwarts' legacy. Within days of its release, they had already developed several mods to improve game performance, modify the user interface, add mouse controls to fly on broomsticks and cast spells , and of course add characters like Shrek or even Thomas the Tank Engine.

Modders have also turned their attention to a specific aspect of open-world RPGs: the player's wand. Although the game offers several options to customize the appearance of the wand, modders have gone further, even going so far as to replace it with something more creative than just a pointed stick.

How to replace Hogwarts wands

Hogwarts Legacy modders have shown their creativity and skill in the short time since the game's release. They have created several mods to improve performance, change the user interface and add new features, such as mouse controls to fly on broomsticks and cast spells. They have even created mods that replace characters from the game with popular characters such as Shrek or Thomas the Tank Engine.

But one of the most interesting aspects of the mods is the player's wands . Although the game offers several options for customizing the look of the wand, modders have taken this to the next level by removing the wand entirely and replacing it with something more interesting, like a stud lance. While this may seem odd, it's not the only wand mod option. Some modders have used time travel to include modern objects, such as an xbox controller , as a substitute for the wand.

Instead of seeing the paintings in motion , Hogwarts students can now cast spells with a Wii Bowling Mod , which replaces the wand with a bright green Wiimote limited edition of Luigi. While real Wiimotes sell for around $30 on eBay, you can also use a standard white Wiimote. However, it's important to note that you won't actually be able to play Wii Bowling in the game or do anything different with any of these modes. These are just replacement shells for the standard staff.

There is something funny about the idea of a wizard with a gun, but until we can play the next co-op survival game Wizard with a Gun (opens in a new tab) (the name is based on a wizard with a gun (opens in a new tab) ) You can pair your wizard with a gun in Hogwarts Legacy. Boomstick mode (opens in a new tab) removes the wand and lets you aim a twelve-gauge double-barrelled Remington at anything that moves. That's him Ash Williams boomstick from the Evil Dead movies . Top of the line from S-Mart.

And if you're looking for a more compact sidearm, how about the Magic Pistol? (opens in a new tab) mod that changes the wand to a Glock. Or is it a Glock? "This mod replaces your wand with a magical device that is based on a historical design from the 19th century and doesn't look like any real modern day counterpart," says the modder. Seems fine to me.

If that's not your style, stick with the wands, but mod some much cooler wands.

For example, you can replace the child's wand with Voldemort's wand . Wave Elder Wand , which Google tells me is the one used by Harry Potter. there is also the Lucius Wand, which is the wand used by another Hogwarts boy, presumably named Lucius. It looks better to me because he has a cool shiny metal snake head handle.

I know, there's a lot to choose from. If you can't decide, why not go wandless? Han Wandless Casting mod removes the wand completely and doesn't replace it with anything. See, the magic was inside you all along.

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