How to play Wild Hearts online with friends (multiplayer)

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How to play Wild Hearts online with friends (multiplayer)

to play Wild Hearts online multiplayer with friends or strangers , you can access it through Campfire, Hunter's Gates or from the in-game menu. Although not very intuitive, it can be useful for facing difficult battles or using weapons that are not suitable for solo play , such as the Wild Hearts Hand Cannon. If you want to join or create a game, follow the in-game instructions to do so.

How to play Wild Hearts online multiplayer/co-op

There are three ways to access Dragon Karakuri Online multiplayer mode:

  • Through the Fire : build a bonfire in the Dragon Karakuri menu and rest there. Then find a compatible party online to join to fight as many monsters as you like.
  • Through the Gates of the Hunters – These doors are scattered around the map and feature a blue rotating portal. If you find one of them, you'll be able to interact with it and join players doing a similar quest to yours.
  • Ask for help: select a mission or target monster on the map and ask for help. This turns your game into an open lobby where other players can join and help you, although there is no guarantee that anyone will show up.

How to play Wild Hearts with friends step by step

Follow these steps to play Wild Hearts with friends:

When your friends join your session, they will be able to help you defeat monsters . There are advantages to co-op, such as the ability to revive teammates to prevent loss of life, knocking back enemies while teammates attack from a distance, and just generally enjoying the game more when playing. combine skills with other players.

It is important to note that everyone must strive accordingly. The challenges are scaled to reflect the advantage of having more players, but it's generally a bit easier in co-op, especially if everyone uses the free wild hearts weapons .

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