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How to play Warzone 2 Restore Honor

The Restore Honor mechanic in Warzone 2 is exclusive to Ashika Island and allows you to get extra rewards for getting your dog tags back after being knocked out .

This feature is available in the Revival Mode , which returns in Warzone 2 Season 2. If you get the chance to try to reclaim your honor on Ashika Island, be sure to understand how this mechanic works to make the most of your rewards. While it's a relatively simple mechanic, it can give you some useful rewards to keep you going.

How Warzone 2 Restore Honor works

The Warzone 2 Restore Honor mechanic is specific to the Ashika Island map and consists of dropping a dog tag after dying for the first time in a game of Battle Royale or Resurgence on said map.

If a player or their team retrieves the lost dog tag, they will receive a $1,000 cash reward and a UAV ping to reveal nearby enemies and deliver crates .

It's important to note that these name tags are small items that must be physically picked up , unlike the floating tags found in Modern Warfare 2's Kill Confirmed mode. This mechanic can be a nice source of extra rewards and is especially useful for those looking to gain an early game advantage.

After your first kill in a Battle Royale or Resurgence match on the Warzone 2 map Ashika Island, he will drop his dog tag and you can restore his honor by picking it up. Doing so will reward you or your team with a $1000 cash reward and a UAV ping to reveal nearby enemies and deliver crates.

Note that this mechanic is only available after the first death in a match, and if you die again, your badge will disappear and cannot be retrieved.

However, if your badge is picked up and then dies again, you will drop the badge again. After death , you'll hear a voice line informing you that your badge has been removed, and you'll be notified if a teammate also picks it up. Enemy players cannot collect your tags to dismiss them, but they can wait for you to return and collect them. It is important to be careful when restoring your honor.

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