How to play roulette? We show you a game guide

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How to play roulette? We show you a game guide

Have we ever heard about casino games and especially in Las Vegas, enter this post and learn with us how to play roulette and win a lot of money.

How to play roulette in the casino?

Roulette is defined in the French term roulette, which means "wheel" or "little wheel", it was invented well into the Middle Ages, it is a typical casino game, it is the famous wheel of fortune.

The main objective is to bet money in exchange for chips, and try to guess in which number, color or area the ball will land, in which case you win immediately.

Game guide

Some bets on roulette (H3)

  • Red / Black : 1 chip is bet on the color of the winning number, whether it will be red or black. With this bet you play 18 numbers, you win 1 chip for a chip.
  • Odd Couple : with two chips it is played that if the number where the ball falls will be odd or even, with this game it will be fixed to the 18 even or odd numbers on the roulette wheel.
  • pass/miss : With 3 chips he has to play if the number will be between the numbers from 1 to 18, it means missing, if it is between the numbers from 19 to 36, it passes.
  • Dozen : Talk about betting on which dozen the winning number will be, remember that the cloth is divided into 3 dozen, in this bet a minimum of 4 chips are placed and 2 chips are won for each chip.
  • Two dozen: You need to bet 6 chips, to achieve a profit of 0.5 for each chip, try to bet with a single bet of two dozen, covers the continuous dozen, it is not possible to skip them.
  • Cross: This game bets 10, 11 or 12 chips, and 1q chips are won for each chip played, it is about betting on 3 numbers with a single row at the same time, the variations of this bet are transverse in the 3 numbers 0 ,1 2 and 3 and to bet on the 0 numbers 2, 3 and XNUMX.

elements of a roulette

To know how to play roulette, it is necessary to know the elements that make it up, in order to develop the complete guide to the game:

cylinder or roulette

It is a circle bounded as follows, in accordance with certain rules of the game:

  • On each side of a number less than or equal to 18 there is a number greater than 18 and vice versa, with two exceptions: a) zero, b) immediately before it with 5 and 10 together.
  • The red and black numbers must be interchanged.
  • Dividing the circle in half, with an imaginary line between 0 and 5, in each of the halves there must be the same number of numbers belonging to each of the 3 dozens (6 numbers of each dozen) and the same number of numbers belonging to each of the 3 columns (6 numbers from each column).
  • Black numbers are those where the reduction of the sum of their digits is even. The exceptions are 10 and 28 (both black).
  • Odd and even numbers must be evenly spaced, so there should not be more than two adjacent odd or even numbers.

It should be noted that in the rules of American roulette , double zeros must exist, in European roulette it is used with a zero, so the distribution is more irregular.

For the convenience of the players roulette It is placed at the end of a table, which must be covered with this type of fabric, non-stick, resistant to water and heat, colored in the area of green, this fabric contains a number of boxes to place bets, which desired by the player, are bets that have changed to money before and after winning and/or losing.

Made of polytetrafluoroethylene, it is a white ball of about two centimeters, first they had to be made of ivory, this material is no longer used, the ball's job is to interact with the roulette wheel when the croupier throws it through an inner protrusion of the plate, which makes the ball to rotate through the wooden projection, the roulette wheel must rotate in the opposite direction, and when it loses speed, the ball falls and enters one of the boxes corresponding to a number, and that will be the winner.

A special feature of the elements of a game of roulette is that the mats will depend on whether the rules are American, European or French, since the number of players, the color chips with more or less value, and the dealers vary from this. they remove or place the chips by hand or with a special rake.

Roulette today

Like all electronic devices that have advanced in innovation, roulette does not escape this, currently there are electronic or electromechanical roulettes, these contain sensors that are able to capture all the movements necessary to play roulette.

These sensors are controlled by a central CPU and coordinate the satellite control, which detects the correct direction of rotation of the plate, detects the exact position of the ball and the position or reference 0. In addition to this, they use special speed programmers. disc spin, ball shooting speed, video settings, sound, stakes and maximum and minimum prizes.

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