How to play Briscola

Hometechno_tricksHow to play Briscola

How do you play Briscola?

La Spanish card game It is a traditional and very common Spanish game. It is a simple card game to play but fun at the same time.

Equipment and number of players

To play Briscola you need a deck of 40 Spanish cards, the players can be from two to four.

Basic rules

The Briscola rules are simple. Players must:

card values

The points obtained for each card according to its value are as follows:

Now you know how to play Briscola, have fun!

What is Briscola?

La Brisca is a very popular Spanish card game among Spanish speakers. It is played with a deck of 40 cards: 8x "Pens", 8x "Cups", 8x "Wands" and 8x "Swords". The aim of the game is to manage to win all the games, using different techniques to score points and strategies to block the opponent.

Basic Briscola rules

Tips for winning in Brisca

Briscola summary

La Brisca is a very fun and exciting board game. By using strategy and with a bit of luck, it is possible to win every game. It is very important to read the basic rules before you start playing in order to get the most out of each game. By using the tips shared here, it is possible to become a Briscola master and have the best experience while playing.

How to play Briscola

La Brisca is a very fun and exciting card game. It is usually played with a deck of 40 cards, from which the 8s, 9s and 10s are rolled. This is a game for two or more players, where they bet an amount.


  • Each player receives 3 cards.
  • The game starts with the highest card in the trick.
  • Each player must play a card of the same suit as the trick.
  • The highest card wins the game.
  • Winning 3 games in a row is considered a Spanish card game .

Punctuation in Spanish

  • 1 point per game won.
  • 3 points for Spanish card game won.
  • 1 point for the hand (first game round) .
  • 1 point for suits (when a player wins all games).
  • 1 point to Broom .
  • 1 point if no points are taken from the other players.


La Brisca is a pretty fun card game, so what are you waiting for to start enjoying it? Start right now and start getting wins that will earn you the prize. Luck!

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