How to open the house chest in Hogwarts' Legacy

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How to open the house chest in Hogwarts' Legacy

How to open the house chest in Hogwarts' Legacy . In Hogwarts Legacy, players have the option to keep their tokens in the house's chest, which they can unlock by finding a hidden key in the castle.

Once the players have been assigned a house in Hogwarts' Legacy , they are taken to their respective residences in the emblematic castle. Within these dwellings is the house's chest , which can be unlocked through thorough exploration. Located in the bedroom of the house , the house chest serves as a storage place to store tokens associated with the player's house and rewards an exclusive cloak with the emblem of said house when opened. Unfortunately, while this chest initially appears to be clean, players must track down various items known as the Daedalus Keys at Hogwarts to gain the benefits it offers .

How to open the house chest in Hogwarts' Legacy

Throughout Hogwarts, 16 Daedalus Keys are distributed that catch the player's attention after the first few hours, when a student points out the presence of these floating keys that are directed to a specific cabinet . Complete a short mini-game in any of the cabinets. These keys lead to giving players a house emblem, which helps unlock the house's chest when all sixteen emblems are collected. Unfortunately, many of these locker areas are not accessible to the player until they progress through the main story. Therefore, players may need to return to this task periodically as they discover new places in the Hogwarts legacy.

Where to find Hogwarts Legacy Daedalus Keys

How to open the chests in the house in Hogwarts' legacy

If you look for the chest in your house, you will find it near your room, in a corridor corresponding to the house you have been classified in. . Now that you have found it, you must undertake the task of unlocking the chest. There is only one way to open the house chest in Hogwarts' Legacy.

Players must find the 16 Daedalus Keys, which are hidden in different areas of Hogwarts. These Daedalus keys are actually winged keys that float through the castle. When the player finds them, they will fly into a locked cabinet. . Pressing the corresponding key will unlock it and reveal a house medal. The house medal is what you need to open the house's chest . Find all 16 house medals, take them to the house chest and the contents will be yours .

Hug chest reward in Hogwarts' legacy

Inside the house's chest, players will discover a truly unique item for those who want to represent their house in a fine way. The house chest contains a magnificent heirloom coat of the house uniform . The House Uniform Heirloom Cloak will fit right into any house you have been sorted into. Therefore , a Hufflepuff ranked player will receive the heirloom of the Hufflepuff uniform and will never receive the Ravenclaw robes or any other house cloaks.

These clothes are truly unique unlike other clothes players can acquire in Hogwarts Legacy. Whenever the player casts an enchantment, the House Uniform Relic Cloak will glow. . Therefore, it is an extremely dynamic outfit for the player. It's worth revealing the contents of your house chest with these cloaks if you want to add an extra touch of glow during battle.

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