How to open Hogwarts' old puzzle doors

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How to open Hogwarts' old puzzle doors

Our puzzle doors at Hogwarts Legacy are a frequent element in scouting the school. They have strange pictures of magical creatures on the outside, as well as number puzzles and two buttons with question marks to interact . Although they can seem intimidating, they are surprisingly easy to open once you figure out how to solve them, either by following a guide or by finding the key yourself.

Below you will find information on how to open puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy , either by following a detailed process or choosing the quick fix. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the same magic spell that is used on the level 1 locks found throughout the game. There is something else behind these doors.

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Open the doors of the Hogwarts Legacy puzzle step by step

Opening the puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy requires two steps. First of all, you need to find a cipher page to decipher the symbols, and second, use this information to solve mathematical operations on the door and open it. The encryption page isn't necessary, but it will take the guesswork out of it and make the process easier.

… and how do I find the code?

There is a solution sheet to open the puzzle doors in Hogwarts, all you have to do is find it.

How to find the encryption page:

Solving the riddles of the puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy is a numbers game . Each of the magical creatures around the door has an assigned numerical value, which is related to the number of limbs they have. However, the numbers 6 and 7 can be a bit confusing. You can keep track of the number around the edge of the door, but remember to start with zero.

Tips for opening the doors to Hogwarts' old puzzle

You don't need to find the cipher page to open the puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy. The animals can be counted around the edge, starting with zero, to determine what number each represents. This is the method for solving number problems on the puzzle doors themselves.

To start, interact with the door to make the puzzle appear. So you will see two patterns of triangles that ultimately describe a mathematical operation. To solve it, you need to add the three outer numbers and compare them with the inner number. Sometimes numbers are represented by beasts.

The goal is to add up all the numbers on the outside of each triangle to equal the one in the middle. It's easy when you understand the meaning of the beasts. The problem is the obvious 0 that complicates everything.

Behind each of the Arithmancy puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy are rooms that usually have more gear , so take the opportunity to get it.

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