How to open eye chests in Hogwarts Legacy

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How to open eye chests in Hogwarts Legacy

The strange-eyed chests in Hogwarts Legacy can be mysterious at first, as they close when you get too close. However , these chests can be opened with the right spell . Find out how to open them and when is the best time to do so at Hogwarts Legacy.

It is not possible to open them directly, as you need an invisibility spell to prevent the chest from seeing you. This spell is not learned in a class, but must be found outside the classroom. Figuring out how to open them is part of the challenge of Hogwarts' legacy.

How to open Hogwarts heirloom chests

You can open the eye chests in Hogwarts Legacy with the spell of disillusionment . With it you will be able to hide from the sight of the chests and sneak up on them. You will get this spell during the quest "Secrets of the restricted section" in the library with Sebastian.

To open the eye chests in Hogwarts Legacy, you must have the spell of disillusionment . However, you can only unlock it after completing the mission. "Secrets of the Restricted Section" . During this quest, Sebastian will teach you the spell as you enter the library.

If you want to open them, you have to play through the main story until you unlock this mission. Once you have the spell, you can cast it on chests when they are unannounced and get close to them without being seen. There is a chest along the way during the mission that you can use to practice.

What's in Hogwarts' heirloom chests?

Every time you open an eye chest in Hogwarts Legacy, you will encounter 500 gallons as a reward. These chests are essentially a source of cash waiting to be claimed.

Therefore, one reason to get the disillusionment formula as soon as possible is to be able to access these rewards faster and start collecting money. Plus, you don't have to worry about missing a chance to open a chest along the way.

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