How to monitor a cell phone

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How to monitor a cell phone

How to monitor a cell phone

Technological development has led to us having a smartphone that can navigate the Internet, take pictures, record videos and store very important data. These are now essential devices in our daily lives and precisely because of this we are always very worried about the possibility of losing them or losing them due to theft. Not to mention the parents who are always eager to see how the little ones can use their mobile phone.

Fortunately, there are solutions to limit the damage (and worries), such as F-Secure mobile security , which allows you to keep your mobile phone under control, protect it from unauthorized use, send remote commands via SMS and constantly monitor the geographical position of the device via GPS. If you are looking for how to monitor a mobile phone, you have easily found what is right for you.

The full version of F-Secure Mobile Security, which includes parental controls and anti-malware features, is paid (29.95 euros for a 12-month subscription), but a completely free version called Anti-theft by F-Secure that allows you to monitor a mobile phone Android, Symbian or Windows Mobile and protect it against theft with PIN code, geographic location and remote commands.

Install Anti-theft by F-Secure on your mobile, connected to the website from your mobile and first click on Download FREE Anti-Theft and then Download to download the program to your phone. When the download is complete, open the file you just downloaded (eg anti-theft-2.2-FSC-oem-android.apk ) and, on the screen that opens, first tap Install on PC and then Open to complete the installation process and start Anti-theft by F-Secure (procedure related to Android OS).

At this point, follow the guided procedure suggested, accept the terms of use of the program and activate your copy of Anti-theft by F-Secure by always clicking Come again. Then type the security code you want to use to protect your mobile phone in case of theft or loss, and authorize the application to exercise administrator rights on the mobile by pressing the Activate button.

Now select the type of theft protection you want to use on your mobile from PIN , password or sequence and enter the selected size according to your preferences. This will allow you to limit unauthorized access to your mobile. Finally, type a reliable phone number that the program can send a message to in exchange for SIMs. on the protected mobile phone and finally press to complete the Anti-Theft setup.

From this moment on, your mobile phone is protected against theft/loss and can be monitored remotely. Everything works via SMS. For example, if you want to know the geographical location of the mobile phone (via GPS), you must send an SMS to your mobile phone with the text # LOCATE # followed by the security code you chose at the beginning (ex. # LOCATE # abcdefghi ). In a few minutes you will receive a reply message with the geographical position of the mobile phone.

can also remotely lock your phone's mobile or erase the contents of your memory by texting SMS # Locked code security or # WIPE # security code and perform other operations to help you monitor your phone. Perfect, now you also know how to monitor a mobile phone !

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