How to get to the hospital wing in Hogwarts Legacy

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How to get to the hospital wing in Hogwarts Legacy

Access to the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts Legacy is initially limited, as you must complete some main quests in Hogwarts Castle before you can access it.

In order to participate, you must meet certain prerequisites related to these assignments. If you want to know more about the hospital wing and the quests required to access this part of the castle, continue reading this article.

How to get to the hospital wing quickly

If you want to reach the hospital wing in Hogwarts' Legacy , you must complete the main quest " The Caretaker's Moon Lament ". Before this quest becomes available, you must attend your first beast class with Professor Howin. After completing this class, you will receive an owl message from Mr. Moon, the caretaker at Hogwarts .

You must speak to him outside the entrance to the faculty tower at night, where he will ask you to collect two Demiguise statues in a previously restricted part of the castle. To do this, you must use deception to avoid detection by the students and teachers patrolling the area.

  • The first statue is at the back of the Bath of the Prefects.
  • The other is in the hospital wing, on a table next to two wing chairs.

In addition to asking you to collect the Demiguise Statues, Mr. Moon He will also teach you the Alohomora Unlock Charm. This spell is very useful for opening locked rooms and buildings in Hogwarts Heritage.

If you complete the additional side quests of Mr Moon, you will be able to unlock the advanced levels of Alohomora and make the spell even more powerful.

After completing the main quest "The Guardian's Lunar Lament" at Hogwarts' Legacy, you will have free access to the Faculty Tower and Hospital Wing.

Floo Flame will also give you a fast travel point that takes you directly to the hospital wing, located in the south wing of the castle.

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